Tuesday, January 19, 2010

gummydinobear's second visit to the doctor...

three inches! (that's how big gummydinobear is now)

five pounds! (thats how much I've gained in 14 weeks)

We heard the heartbeat again (the most reassuring sound in the world... I love it!).

Aaaaand.... while listening to the whoosh-whooshing of the heartbeat, we heard a "thump." (!!) Gummydinobear had kicked me! He/she is too small for me to feel it yet, but Mr. D can't wait till he/she gets bigger... then he can blame his black eyes on someone other than his wife :)

We find out our little soon-to-be-soccer player's gender March 9th!
Start the countdown!!


skroner said...


Kana said...

Great news! How exciting :) :) :) March9th, I cannot wait!

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