Monday, January 04, 2010

buckeye bowl game, bump on my belly, and a hole in my bathroom

-Christmas Break 2009-
The funniest group of guys to watch an OHIO STATE game with.
They think they know everything... and they probably do. :)
12 weeks (as of last night)... Mr. D was a little shocked at how big that bump was. Thankfully, it was mostly due to eating a good meal, since I only gained 1 pound over break!
Aaaaand... THIS happened over break. Jesus, our Mr. Fix-it, came to fix our Niagara Falls of a leaky bathtub, and had to tear into the tile!!! You can see a little of the leftover chicken wire I put on the left (exposed) side of the tub, because of our little Mamacat Lucy's constant little adventures down into the "underground" (there is basically a half-floor of pipes and such between our apartment and the people below us).

She would disappear for hours and poop down there. We could smell it and it was terrible. Jesus did find one of her pink collars down there, though. Ahh, memories. Needless to say, bathroom is off limits for the Kevs. What a "vacation." :)

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