Thursday, January 28, 2010

beached whale doing pilates?

I went to pilates yesterday for the first time since I got pregnant.
^And I may not be that big, but still I totally felt like this^
All these skinny little flat-tummied girls (including the instructor) made the initial happiness of being able to feel my abs for the first time in weeks fade... even if it was just a little. After class, my instructor, who I've been going to her classes religiously for the last year or two, asked how far along I was. While I was talking to her, a strange woman jumped into our conversation, with a joyous, "Well, I just had my baby four months ago!" and proceeded to expose her perfectly flat 26-inch tummy, complete with slight abdominal muscles.
So thank you, gym lady. I thought tabloids were enough to keep me with unrealistic expectations of post-pregnancy bodies, but no, you have to take it one step further by being un-photoshopped. winner.

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ashley marie said...

okay that story is just too funny -- things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME!!! thanks for sharing :)

and I'm sure you'll be back to your incredibly trim and flat belly pretty soon after the baby is born. if you start fat, you'll end fat. trust me, i know :)

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