Thursday, December 24, 2009

Run, baby, run!!!

I know I have been post-catching up like a madman today, but this is huge for me. After over a month of being practically MIA at the gym, I got a 2 hour workout in today, including 25 SOLID MINUTES OF RUNNING!! I haven't run that long consecutively in nearly two months... I nearly started crying. It felt so good! If there is anything I have learned about working out this year, especially since I have added in strength training, its that the REAL reason why I work out (and the way it should be) isn't because it makes me look better. It's because it makes me feel incredible!! I am so grateful for my body and the ability I have had to (finally) bounce back...even if it took me quite a bit longer than I expected. Patience is a virtue! I hope everyone else has an equally Merry Christmas!!!

1 comment:

Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

good job Ruth! I want to be like you someday :)

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