Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas eve was China Lily for Chinese food (which I think we have had maybe twice in our married life because I am never in the mood for it). We waited 90 minutes with our group of 30, but the food was so worth it. I have never eaten so much chinese food in all my life combined. And I still had room for hot cocoa afterwards!! Overall (aside from missing immediate family), a Good Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, I laughed so hard (and then cried the rest of the morning) when I found out Mr. D and I had gifted the same thing for each other for Christmas, except I had spent twice as much as and since I ordered it online and he got it at a store, we kept the expensive one I purchased (I am sure, much to Mr. D's dismay) and will be returning the cheaper version he bought. Bananas likes to call it the grown up easy bake oven, but Mr. D and I know its so much more than that... I'm so excited to put it to use. I also got a Bebe black pencil skirt (perfect size) from Mr. D, "Up," a clock, running socks, assorted jewelry, magnets, puzzles and a fuzzy new robe. Overall, a success. Unfortunately, while Mr. D was enjoying the NBA Christmas special, I was not feeling so well... so we stayed in all day and left only in the evening to visit granny and see Sherlock Holmes (a BRILLIANT movie) with my free birthday movie passes. I wish I wasn't feeling so crappy... I have so much to do and only a week to do it!! But at least I got to spend the holidays for the first time (since last year we were in Ohio without the Kevs) with my two favourite guys in all of Utah!!

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Laura said...

i agree- kinda seems like a grown up easy bake oven, but i trust you that it's awesome! merry christmas ruth!

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