Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Kevs inspecting my gummy dino bear

I'm not sure why he did it for this picture but sometimes he just stares at my stomach, like he knows something is going to come out of there and it is going to rock his world.
Is it terrible of me to think that my life at this point is terribly boring? I was just talking with my dad on the phone and suddenly felt like, oh. My life is no more interesting right now than it was 1 or 2 weeks ago, when I last spoke to him. I haven't run any races, I haven't been working or travelling or really doing anything this break other than sleeping (approximately 12 hours a day), cleaning and watching too much TV. I suppose the highlight of the break was making candy buckeyes with Mr. D last night, who I am surprised hasn't been completely bored out of his mind the last week. Thank goodness for lots of bowl games and the NBA....

The glorious, final product. GO BUCKEYES!! BEAT THE OREGON DUCKS!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here is what happened to all the Christmas monkeybread I made this year:
And as usual... it won't stop snowing. Awesome. Its a little harder to imagine spring in 3 months, but I can still manage to remember what being warm feels like. Good thing Kevs still loves the snow. Even if it looks like he wants to come in, we open the window and he just stares at us blankly.
Yet another appearance of Brandi, otherwise known as Kevin Garnett's longtime girlfriend (now wife). Kind of fitting for this kitten as I think she looks a little brandy-colored...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


have you ever hear of Mr. D is obsessed with it. I am pretty sure it is his homepage at home and work... but he does always find random sweet deals, like most of the presents he buys for me or deciding to take me on my first trip to IKEA this morning so we can get a free breakfast. IKEA is the greatest. I just wish I could order a pre-made kitchen/living/bed/bathroom. It would totally be worth the couple thousand. I just don't know who would put it together. Maybe Tio Daniel??

Monday, December 28, 2009

searching for the perfect apartment

I can't stand apartment shopping. As much as Iove shopping, I really, truly detest searching for an apartment. But since it is an inevitable, I thought I'd have a little fun with it. So here is our "future dream apartment" list, from most to not-quite-as important: 1. Allows the Kevs 2. Is under $700-ish, including utilities 3. At least 2 bedrooms, 1 bath 4. Dishwasher included 5. Washer and dryer included 6. Heat included 7. Some form of air conditioning included 8. Decent location, so near a bus stop or close enough for one of us to walk...since we have one car 9. A yard, or at least someplace not too close to heavy traffic 10. THIS Beachfront view from the patio. I can dream, can't I?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas eve was China Lily for Chinese food (which I think we have had maybe twice in our married life because I am never in the mood for it). We waited 90 minutes with our group of 30, but the food was so worth it. I have never eaten so much chinese food in all my life combined. And I still had room for hot cocoa afterwards!! Overall (aside from missing immediate family), a Good Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, I laughed so hard (and then cried the rest of the morning) when I found out Mr. D and I had gifted the same thing for each other for Christmas, except I had spent twice as much as and since I ordered it online and he got it at a store, we kept the expensive one I purchased (I am sure, much to Mr. D's dismay) and will be returning the cheaper version he bought. Bananas likes to call it the grown up easy bake oven, but Mr. D and I know its so much more than that... I'm so excited to put it to use. I also got a Bebe black pencil skirt (perfect size) from Mr. D, "Up," a clock, running socks, assorted jewelry, magnets, puzzles and a fuzzy new robe. Overall, a success. Unfortunately, while Mr. D was enjoying the NBA Christmas special, I was not feeling so well... so we stayed in all day and left only in the evening to visit granny and see Sherlock Holmes (a BRILLIANT movie) with my free birthday movie passes. I wish I wasn't feeling so crappy... I have so much to do and only a week to do it!! But at least I got to spend the holidays for the first time (since last year we were in Ohio without the Kevs) with my two favourite guys in all of Utah!!

nearly SCAMMED.

As most of you know, we've been looking for a new apartment for a few weeks...most of our "research" has been via craigslist and while finding a few promising leads, nothing has really been to our liking. Thankfully, we can afford to be picky and so we are. One apartment in particular that we have been looking at the last few days we have discovered is a total scam. So here is my list (your welcome in advance) of signs to look for to make sure you do not get scammed... also known as the "red flags." Thankfully, Mr. D and I are fairly intelligent college graduates so when we realised through email contact that stuff wasn't quite adding up, we made the call that it was a scam and are moving on with our apartment shopping. The scary thing is that we have so many friends that use craigslist or other online means of looking for an apartment, and I certainly wouldn't want them to get scammed out of money. So here were the clues as they emerged 1. The guy who was emailing us only contacted us through email. 2. The emails were terribly written, grammatically speaking. 3. The email address was based in India. 4. The guy used a lot of spiritual and scriptural references (probably to reassure us that he was religious and therefore trustworthy) 5. The guy claimed he was on a "mission" in Africa, and was trying to rent out his apartment in Utah, because the previous rentors "set the stove on fire, were noisy neighbors" and had us give our word that we would not do the same. 6. Our "application" was emailing him our name, address, phone numbers and ONE reference. 7. He wanted us to send him rent via Western Union (which involves a $25 fee, which my wonderful, cheap husband would never agree too) 8. He claimed the $600 included the rent for the 2-bedroom townhome and ALL utilities. (IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS). That was my biggest red flag. 9. He claimed he took the only set of keys with him to Africa, and that was why we couldn't walk through the place. RED FLAG! 10. He never had us sign a contract or agree to any specific amount of time that we would be renting. He just told us after a handful of emails that we got the place, and all we had to do was send the $400 deposit + first months rent ($1000 total) and he would send us a packet with the keys and all the information about the house. HUGE WAVING RED FLAG. 11. Thankfully, we were smart enough to drive by the place, and it had a "For Sale" sign so we took down the name of the real estate agent. He told us NOT to contact her (which we figured, if he couldn't show us the place, maybe she could). RED FLAG RED FLAG!!! Also, if you just rented out a place and kicked out the renters, then why would you have a for sale sign??? RED FLAG! In short, as much as I liked the charming place, NOTHING added up when it came right down to it. We didn't send any money or give out any personal information that this person could use against us, but you really have to be careful. So that's my Christmas present to you, is a lesson that took us 4 days to realise. Watch out for scams. Be careful.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Run, baby, run!!!

I know I have been post-catching up like a madman today, but this is huge for me. After over a month of being practically MIA at the gym, I got a 2 hour workout in today, including 25 SOLID MINUTES OF RUNNING!! I haven't run that long consecutively in nearly two months... I nearly started crying. It felt so good! If there is anything I have learned about working out this year, especially since I have added in strength training, its that the REAL reason why I work out (and the way it should be) isn't because it makes me look better. It's because it makes me feel incredible!! I am so grateful for my body and the ability I have had to (finally) bounce back...even if it took me quite a bit longer than I expected. Patience is a virtue! I hope everyone else has an equally Merry Christmas!!!

If I could get 5 things in the next year, I would wish for...

Unlimited Jamba Juice. I crave it all the time.
This darling easel. So that I can paint on the beach, of course!
OMG I love this jogger.
New Yoga mat and carrier!!
And these are the cutest maternity pants I could find. I already have a hard time zipping up my pants all the way, so I have a feeling this is not too far away (HINT HINT Mr. D...)


I found this picture today while looking at running skirts... would I ever be brave enough to run a race bare-bellied at 6 months pregnant?? I guess we have a few months to find out.

Roommates (last) Sunday in SLC

At least 3/5 of the gang is here!! (And the other 2/5 were sorely missed, Mager and Katie!) I felt a little fat...and Keely was a little angry?? The longest time I had a roommate before Mr. D...2005-2006!! Oh, Keely Keely. She is the cutest asian! I love my Amax. I will miss her so much when she leaves for Sweden next month!!! Thanks again for the pictures!!

Kevin Jonas may have gotten married, but that was predictable.

On the other hand, OUR Kevin Garnett has found a GIRLFRIEND!!
Haha too bad he's fixed. But she is all over him and I think he likes the attention. Aw wintertime love...too bad we may be moving soon.

So...Happy Christmas Eve from Mr & Mrs D, our little gummy dino-bear (as our little one is affectionately known amongst my siblings) and the Lovesick Cherry Lane Kittens.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

VEGAS. or maybe this post should be called "the BYU bowl game"

...because that is pretty much all we did in Vegas. Before we left, Mr. D showed his nurturing side to assure the Kevs we would return shortly... IT WAS SO GOOD. Good thing BYU won, but I seriously have not been so cold in my life for so long... the coldest 5 hours of my life (Mr. D had to help with postgame). But God bless BYU football fans, especially the guy sitting next to us who let me use his blanket to attempt to stay warm. And this is how we REALLY looked most of the game. Completely freezing and trying to keep the wind out of our frozen faces. But overall, a super fun trip... how could it not be fun traveling with this crazy guy???

9 weeks (belated) pic

my nearly-bump. sigh... the last time I can wear this skirt for awhile. I have a little tummy in this one, but it is certainly bigger now. stay tuned for week 12 pic in January....

first doctor's visit

Even though my OB is a man, at least he doesn't look like the guy on the right. The doctor's visit yesterday went GREAT! I have gained 3 pounds so far (YIKES), and that is just since my initial physical about two weeks ago. The highlight of the visit was of course, Mr. D and I getting to hear the HEARTBEAT of our little one for the first time... it was so wonderful!! A little beating heart that is not my own... it just really hit me that someONE is growing inside of me! So cool. Also, thanks to Concessa for finding this hilarious blogpost, based on a DO/DON'T pregnancy book that I borrowed these images from. They are so funny!! More info on the Vegas trip later ...we just got back and I am exhausted from all the driving.

Monday, December 21, 2009

muddy buddies

My weekend looked a lot like this: Glorious, I know. More pictures to come from the roomates Sunday in SLC. 10 weeks along as of yesterday ("prune-sized"... gross) and first real Dr's appointment tomorrow!! After which poor Mr D will have to endure a 5 hour drive with me to go down to Vegas :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

taken from My life is average.

I like to think that if my mom had twitter, or knew how to do a status update, that she would do this:

Today, my mom posted her status on facebook as "going up to green bay, WTF". I asked her if she knew that didn't mean "with the family". She said of course, it meant "Wednesday, Thursday and Friday". She didn't get why I was laughing for the next hour. MLIA

I love you, mom.
Christmas in one week!!

PS still waiting to hear back about (renting) the house of my dreams... I'll let you know if anything comes of it!

PPS I kind of want to do this to my cat...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to Anna or Sarah, (or mom to tell Sarah or Anna)

If you can find ANY way to bring me back 2 pints (or 4??) of Graeter's double chocolate chip ice cream, that is what I want for Christmas. Its all I ever think about and unfortunately to ship them out here it will cost $12 A PINT, and you have to buy a minimum of 6 (thats $80 for ice cream, folks). Crazy, I know. Crazier that I am actually considering it (don't worry, Mr. D shot that idea down FAST). Even if it is completely melted by the time you get here. Seriously consider it. I would even reimburse you. You would be the best sister everrrr. I just don't think I can go another 6 months without it.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Years Resolutions 2009... always reflecting and improving.

Taken from January 2009 blogpost: And in 2009 I hope to: -Continue exercising at least 8 hours a week (does 6-7 count?) -Create and eat healthier, more balanced meals and whole foods (check. except for the past couple months.) -Limit my daily chocolate consumption to only once a week (complete fail. Except for since I got pregnant... I don't crave chocolate hardly at all) -Only go out to eat two times a month (negative. especially since I stopped cooking.) -Train for and run two half marathons, as well as other 5k's and 10k's (check on ALL those!! Nearly ran a race every month this year, but will have to settle for having run 12 races in 12 months over the course of fall 2008-fall 2009) -Complete student teaching, graduate BYU and get a REAL job! (HUGE CHECK!!) -Create at least four works of art a month (unless they are really large) (umm... nope. But its probably about 2, average.) -Visit more art museums, travel to NYC (negative. maybe next year?) -Not cut my hair. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow (CHECK. winner.) -Do more volunteering and take advantage of service opportunities (not as many as I would like...)


Finally. I am making a comeback. The sickness in the form of a malicious 3 week cold is finally leaving me. And yesterday, I went to the gym for the first time in a week. And ran for 15 minutes!! That was huge for me. I am thrilled that I will be (knock on wood) germ-free for the holidays. Just in time for everyone to leave me. You know who you are. Today, tomorrow, Friday. I won't see you for weeks. Months. a year? Thats the downside of having friends (and family), you see. They move on. They move away. And I just stay here. Not stuck, but not free to go. I was so sad yesterday, even after 2 Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes. So good, but still so sad. At least I did feel better after my workout, a tried and true testament that you really do feel better if you go to the gym, and it keeps you from crying for at least the time you are there. PS the best part about being pregnant? I have, for the first time in my adult life (in the last week) been eating anything and everything I want (in moderation, of course), not gone to the gym and barely gained a pound. I attribute it to drinking lots of fluids... and getting upwards of 16 hours of sleep some days/nights. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I laughed, I cried; it moved me, Bob.

Love, love, love this movie. Even thinking about it now makes me tear up. I'm not giving away any spoilers. Just GO SEE IT.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

first Santa visit?!

Our vet had an open house today to show off the new addition to their pet hospital... as a bonus, I got cookies and lemonade and Kevs humored me and took a picture with Santa. Priceless and totally worth the 15 minutes crying there and back. Hopefully next year he will be accompanied by another little one...

Friday, December 11, 2009

If I live to be 50...

I hope I look half as good as my mom does. I mean, the woman is going to be a "grandma" and doesn't have a single visible wrinkle on her face!! What a beauty. And PS I don't know who the cute little baby girl is. (a friends baby??)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was saying about my nearly 2-week long cold last night to Mr. D as he crawled into bed next to me, "at least it can't get any worse." Insert foot into mouth. I can barely talk without going into a coughing fit, my abs feel like they've just been tortured through two hours of pilates, and if I thought I didn't have an appetite before, well it was huge compared to how it is now. I had to struggle through an OJ this morning... I am so ready for this to be over with.

Monday, December 07, 2009

love love love my down down down down down

The Kevs and I took an immediate adoration to the down have I never owned one before?!?! They are SO warm! All the time!! I wanted to take a picture of Kevs all wrapped up in my newest splurge, but you know, dark cat + dark comforter... all you would see are three white flecks of his nose and paws :) So I thought this photo I found online did him (us) justice with how lovely and wonderful we feel all wrapped up like a candy bar: Plus, it looks like our old friend, Gatito. We got hit with some "real" snow today..."real" as in 4 inches that turned my 20 minute commute into 45 minutes! But I am OK with that, since I did survive without any accident. Certainly a nonstop prayer since I woke up this morning until I got home tonight played a part of that. We are supposed to get a few more inches tonight, I think. I also think we should have saved all this snow for Christmas, Utah. But... at least the first big snow held out till December, when we only have two weeks of school left (TWO WEEKS?!?!) till winter break. That's legit. PS. We are going to Vegas for the Bowl game. Awesome to have a mini-break, but we need to make sure Kevs has a sitter... she left him alone this weekend for a few hours and he left us a (peculiarly) little "present", as in thats what you get for leaving me alone. It was 24 hours!!! That cat has some deep seated separation anxiety we need to work on.

oh what a night. again.

I had another night/early morning like this one. It was terrible. 3am stomach cramps and nearly passed out again... couldn't muster the energy to wake up Mr. D so just gave in to a lot of deep breathing and serious praying. I know this is something I'll mention to my Dr., but if it happens again before the next two weeks (when my appointment is), should I schedule an earlier appointment? Its not unbearable, but its definitely close. I am fine this morning, just tired from a terribly interrupted night's sleep. On a better note, spent the weekend at family's condo in SLC which was lovely. Had courtside date night BYU basketball tickets, visited with friends, did some shopping (got my first pair of skinny jeans), actually had heat for one night and slept better than I had in weeks. Didn't take any pictures but I'll post my 8 week pic later this week. Today I am buying a down comforter and boots that aren't deadly 4 inchers. :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I think I can say with a great amount of certainty...

That in 10 years, my little Kevs will be not so little anymore, but will still be like this....

H1N1 vaccine... to vaccinate or not to vaccinate??

*******update******** Cancelled my appointment with the health dept for the shot until I can talk with my Dr. and get his opinion, in a little over 2 weeks. I think thats the best advice. (Thanks, CTay and Rocky!) On one hand, I cannot limit my exposure to the public to avoid any flu, since I work in a public school. But on the other hand, is it really worth it to get vaccinated if it will cause a miscarriage? Is that a risk I want to take? I recently read this article: I just don't know... I need your advice/help????

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

spoiled girl part 2

(not even all of) My birthday presents!! New new jacket (and bday dinner) from Mr. D. My hair is getting so long!! :)
Sunday was Week 7! I do love blueberries.
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