Monday, November 02, 2009

stare down

Today of those days. NOT my best day. The best way I think I can describe it, is I feel like Kevs in this picture: Yup, like I am a feline having a stare down with a car. Stupid, pointless, you will never win, etc... Nevertheless, it happened and its now over with. Tomorrow will be nothing but better. I actually had a student ask me today, "Mrs. D, are you sad?" (me) "No, I'm actually mad. Pretty upset." (student, in low voice): "Mrs. D, did Mr. D do something wrong??" How could I not laugh? I was upset over some paintbrushes students left out with paint, effectively destroying them. It seemed so silly compared to what I could have been upset about. Leave it to a (self-centered) high schooler to give you some perspective on life.

1 comment:

naomi said...

I love your kitties name hahaha, I love it when animals have human names. Maybe I will send a little knitty hat for him haha

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