Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend in St. George and Vegas

(As promised, FOR BANANAS) Me, Em and Charfield's Mom. My poor little finger is nearly at full recovery (except still no feeling). I was by myself (well, with lots of drunk UNLV fans and a few nice BYU fans I didn't know) at the BYU game (beat UNLV 59-21) all but a few minutes when Em came to see me!! And Mr. D sat with me before the game, but most of the time, he was busy working like this: So my 6 hours in Vegas were... awesome and spent entirely at In-N-Out, and the UNLV Stadium :) St. George was lovely too... what a great mini-vacay.


siovhan said...

ohhhh in-n-out. i miss that!
and look at you being all cute and going on work trips with your hubby!!!

anna. said...


wish i hadn't worked all weekend. looks like you guys had tons of fun though!

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