Friday, October 16, 2009

Mr. Kitten.

Well, I have posted Mr. Kitten's info on craigslist and KSL's lost and found sections. So now we just wait. He is so darling. And loves being inside with us. Poor, poor Mr. D has been sneezing like crazy the last day since Kitten came into our home, even after I spent two hours cleaning the house. :( I hope we find his home soon enough... or get him a really good new home.

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naomi said...

Hello!!! I'm glad you listed your blog in your comment on mine - it's a lovely read! I am loving your cats too. Kittens are the greatest. Unfortunately, to answer your question, it's incredibly hard travel internationally with a cat. Well, depends where you're going. Basically it's just really hard to get a pet into Europe from American- you have to prepare 6 months in advance with shots and microchipping, then you have to send the blood tests results to a federal vet (?!) and practically get your pet a passport and this is all before you drop $900 to have you pet in-cargo on a flight (can't them them ON the flight) and then even more $$ to screen them at your destination..... Eugh. I imagine it's cheaper in places that are less obsessed with rabies. Europe loves it's rabies! Really excited to add your blog to the list of things to stalk haha xxx

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