Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let me just level with you for a minute. I love my job. I really truly do. Teaching kids to make art is almost as exciting for me as actually creating it myself. I just loathe grading. I try to make deadlines as flexible as possible so grades can trickle into the computer but no...the end of the term just messes all that up. SO to sum up, I need to make sure I remember a few things I have learned this Term: **NO MORE BUSY WORK. It takes so much longer to grade, and even if its important, I just need to group the grades together so it is a compilation grade, like having 5 things to grade in their sketchbooks instead of 2, even if it means putting stray papers in there. **To go along with no busy work, more thought out projects that take TIME to do. No more of these "get em done in one class period" projects. Its not worth the grading hassle. **No more DAILY participation points. I can keep track of them daily, but I only need to put them in the computer once or twice a term. So much less hassle. **WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING?? I have been plagued with this question since I got this job. What is the most important thing for these students to learn and am I facilitating that learning process? I don't feel that I have this term. But I am learning and I am trying hard. **No more sharp objects without serious lecture before, during and after passing out said sharp objects. **It is GREAT to have a continuous, semester-long or year-long project going on that students who finish up first can work on without overwhelming the other students with more work on top of what they haven't already finished. I have done this for painting and foundations in the form of altered books but have yet to come up with an idea for sculpture. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. **HAVE FUN. If I am not enjoying myself, then I am not doing my job, AND I am miserable. The days that I am most stressed out are the ones where I need to chill out the most, and enjoy my time teaching. P.S. Grades are not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the student is able to find his or her own niche in art, to be able to create something that did not exist before. It is most important that my students leave my class better people than they were coming in.

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