Friday, October 16, 2009

Kitten finds a new home... ours!!

Well.. sort of. You see, in our "home" there are three separate living spaces. Q&A(&b) are on the main floor, we are on the top level, and J has a little cottage of a home (AKA reeeeal small, poor girl!) attached to the back of our house. J has a 13 year old cat, Sissy, who actually gets along very well with Kevs, mostly because she is so mellow (old age does that, I hear). So the story is, she found our little kitten on the outskirts of BYU campus Tuesday (he was one of the many ferrel cats that wanders that campus), carried him home, and then accidentally left the door open on Wednesday, he wandered out, and into my arms and home, where he has been the last two days!! The best part about this story is that J was planning on keeping him!! So all my worries about finding him a good home are gone, because he'll be just another stray added to the Cherry Lane Collection!! In even better news (and you thought it couldn't get better), Kevs seems to have taken a fancy to his new playmate, and as we speak, he and (soon to have a real name) Kitten are frolicking and chasing each other in the front yard. Its like Kevs is six months old again with one of his brothers... I love happy endings.

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anna. said...

just love snuggie!!

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