Saturday, October 24, 2009

in the zone.

Do you know that feeling of being completely dazed and confused as to where the last 3 or 4 hours went? I just spent the afternoon/evening watercoloring. It was glorious. My brain is still reeling. I feel like I did after my 5k today, heart racing, body sore, exhausted but proud of my accomplishment. Speaking of accomplishment, I placed 61st overall in women, and 20th in my age group (19-24, which unfortunately is the same category of the women's cross country team, at least 10 of which ran this race, of course beating me!). Results are here. No pictures or fans at the finish line for me this time, though. :( Everyone was just too busy (or sleeping, or working, or forgot, or had their fantasy basketball draft...). But thats ok, because... Little D feeding the birds french fries in NC this summer. So Classic. Off to do laundry and clean the house before my day ends!


skroner said...

i very vaugely remember you coming into my room this morning.. i was so dazed and confused. next race tell me the night/day BEFORE so i can come cheer you on!! i would've loved to if i knew what was actually going on!

congrats regardless (: miss you.

anna. said...

i would have been there! you didn't tell me you were running this.

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