Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Biggest Coldest and Tulips

There is a reason why I do NOT like the cold and this is why: WE HAVE NO HEATING IN OUR APARTMENT. No A/C I can handle, because we just open windows and turn on fans or swamp coolers. But then it gets cold and freezing air goes rushing through our bedroom via said swampcooler as if he had left the window open. So last night, I attempted to seal up the perpetrator, and this is what I got: Also last night we (belatedly) watched the Biggest Loser, aka best show on TV. Heartbreakingly wonderful. Best quote of the night: "I no longer want to just exist. I want to LIVE." (Abby, who lost both her children-- a toddler and newborn, and her husband in a car accident 2 years ago). And I awoke this morning, opened the front door to let out (a very desperate) kevs and he just about yelped as a bouquet of tulips fell into my house!! (I think it was bananas???) So... today was a good day.

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