Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering 2001

That morning, September 11, 2001, was probably the most clear memory I have of seminary. My mom was seminary teacher that year, in our home, so I had no excuse to be late or have anything less than perfect attendance. She had us do an activity (she later told us she just got the idea from the New Era Magazine that month) where we were to simulate in our minds being in a fatal plane crash. She handed us each a 3x5 notecard and said that we had 5 minutes to write to our loved ones, for while we were guaranteed to not survive, by some miracle our notecards would. Everyone took their 5 minutes, frantically writing all we could if we only had 5 minutes left on this earth. My mom promptly collected the cards, put them in a pile, and started tearing them to shreds without a word. One of the louder boys in our class, we'll call him "M," shrieked, "But Sister K, I put my heart and soul into that note!! How could you do that?!?" My mom must have smiled, hoping for a response such as this, and went on to make the analogy between our experience and those who wrote the Book of Mormon. Those who put their heart and soul into what they wrote, knowing it would be of benefit to us, and when we do not daily read those words of guidance, it is like we are tearing up their last words. A great lesson. My mother is an amazing teacher. But still... eerie that we had that lesson only a few short hours before it all happened.... Also, you should really watch this. It is a good story, if you have 8 minutes to spare.

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