Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I was busy painting a mural

in the hallway of my apartment complex (with permission, of course). All day, students from my complex walked by, complimenting me on my work. But one gentleman in particular caught my eye. Towards the start of the evening, he walked past my apartment, backpack in tow, and casually mentioned that he was headed to the library. As I was nearly done with my little art project, I volunteered to go with him...the best decision I have ever made in my life. After an evening of serious studying till midnight (a first and last for the two of us), we attempted to walk through the McDonald's drive through (and failed), ending up at Denny's for our now-infamous brownie a la mode, talking late into the early morning. I came home to raised eyebrows and serious suspicion, which I flippantly denied, "We're just good friends now, is all. We like to talk with each other." Of course, within a week, Mr. D and I were officially inseparable. Four years ago today, I made the one of the best decisions of my university years, that ultimately led to the absolute best decisions of my life, marrying Mr. D, continuing work on my art, becoming a teacher, starting to run again, and trying things I would have never thought to try, like gardening, baking and cooking from scratch. Four years may not seem like a long time. But that's how long I was in high school (which felt like an eternity then!), and that is 1/6th of my life!! I can only hope to have many many more happy years with my Mr. D and (maybe not quite so) many brownie a la modes. September 15, 2005 will forever live in my memory as the night of our very first date. I love you, Mr. D!!!!!


Laura said...

this made me cry a little. ruth you've got talent in writing. and in being an amazing woman! i love you!

skroner said...

this was the cutest thing i've read all day (:
at first i was worried, because i thought you were writing this as though it was last night, that you went out to the library and studied til midnight with some other guy and running through my mind was "what in the world is drew going to think?!"
but needless to say, i'm glad to see how this ended (: i'm really glad you and drew are together too.

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