Monday, September 14, 2009

"Get here 15 minutes later and go home 15 minutes earlier."

WHAT?! That was the personal advice of my mentor today. To spend less time as teacher and more time on me and Mr. D. Good advice, its just so hard to do. Sometimes teaching is literally all I think about, from the time I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow. Maybe that is how teachers get so burnt out so fast (the average is 3 years, I think). My mentor promised me I would be able to sleep better if I followed his advice. It has been a recurring nightmare of mine since the start of the school year that either (1) I sleep in, don't call a substitute, no one is there to cover my class and I get fired, or (2) The students are so noisy and crazy that no one can hear me, even though I am screaming out instructions. I will try to take his advice. It will be hard. But it will force me to better manage my time wisely. Today, I leave at 2:45.


anna. said...

good advice. also hang out with me more.

siovhan said...

i love this.
also i agree with anna.
also...i have been a bad blog friend. seriously. sorry!

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