Saturday, September 19, 2009

addiction confessional

oops... I did it again. remember this post? :sigh:: Hi, my name is Mrs. D. (Hi, Mrs. D) And I am a recovering freshutahpeachaholic. I have eaten at least 3-5 peaches every day for the last week, and the sight of peaches still makes me swoon. I've eaten a quarter bushel of peaches all by myself in the last 7 days. I mean, I started out with good intentions. I wanted to make a few peach pies for my family... but then I started eating those glorious Utah Peaches and have not been able to get myself to stop. I barely have enough left to make one pie. But then I will have no peaches left... what a dilemma. And what shall I do in November, when peaches cost not $15 a half bushel, but $3 or more a pound??? You know how bears store (eat) all the food they can before hibernating for the winter? I think that's sort of what I've been doing with fresh produce... because I can get away with it, at least for the next month until the first frost comes. So until then... on to what's left of my beloved peaches (because truly, out of that huge 1/2 bushel, these are all that remain). I love peaches.

1 comment:

Kana said...

You are so cute! lol Enjoy theses fresh peaches while they are in season!!!!

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