Friday, September 04, 2009

1 Day Left

Yeah, my half marathon is tomorrow. I'm freaking out just a little bit. I just took at 3 hour nap to calm down the jitters and now I probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight. Awesome.

Why am I so nervous? Mostly because this is the longest I will have ever run on my own. With no one to talk to. You see, I have, over the last few months (especially with the advent of hot weather = sweaty hands) stopped using my ipod altogether. You heard me right. I have been so miraculously blessed that I can go (at least single digit) miles running on my own without music. And for double digits I have been blessed with running buddies to talk to, complain to, and strengthen me when I need it most, including the last 13.1 miles I ran back in April.

But silly me, I signed up for this on my own, and tomorrow, it will be just me and Pinky (my pink iNano). But I have my awesome new Ironman watch from Concessa (that will count each of my 13 mile splits!) and music, so I am hoping that having technology on my side will benefit me... somehow. Or at least keep me sane without anyone to talk to for two hours.

At least I have the finish line to look forward to, with my handsome hubby and sisters eagerly awaiting me so that we can go watch Ohio State CRUSH Navy at 10am. Oh, and tomorrow morning will mark the EARLIEST race I've ever run: 7am start time. Good thing I am used to waking up at 5am.

My sole goal in this race? To finish with a smile (instead of bawling as I cross the finish line like last time!).
Now off to eat some pasta...

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