Thursday, August 06, 2009

Now accepting requests for the Mrs. D Christmas "Card" 2009

The last day in Boston, while making buckeyes for Little B, I made the executive decision of what our Christmas "card" would consist of... A BOX OF BUCKEYES!! Brilliant, right?? Because other than people who are allergic to PB, is there really a better gift you can ask for? Mr. D, at least, thinks not. But in the off chance that someone is allergic or doesn't like PB, I am willing to make chocolate covered pretzels as well. Any takers?


siovhan said...

um freak yes.
a thousand times over.
chocolate + peanut butter = evidence that Heavenly Father loves me. seriously.

Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

Buckeyes are totally your thing, you and buckeyes go hand in hand and you make them so perfectly too.

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