Friday, August 07, 2009

My not so poor oven, chocolate chip banana bread, and week 11 VG update!

Remember this little (yummy but dangerously messy) atrocity from LAST SUMMER with Amax? Well, it took a lot of work, but was so overdue and I was terribly proud of finally cleaning an oven for the first time in my life! And last night I made chocolate chip banana bread (I always forget how much I hate the smell, feel, etc of mashed bananas). I figured it was appropriate to put with the garden pictures, since I never did take any pictures of the 4 loaves of zucchini bread I made last week. And my week 11 Victory Garden "harvest" total is 28 tomatoes, 3 zucchini, and probably 2 pounds of herbs.

1 comment:

anna. said...

i'm going to come back to provo and eat everything in your garden. yum.

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