Sunday, August 09, 2009

*gasp* ...finally finished.

Well, it took me a week (about a day per book) but I finished all 4 books in the Twilight series, just in time for my last week of summer! Not bad, but the 4th book was by and large my favorite, since the main character, Bella, was no longer the "damsel in distress" (that really gets on my nerves after awhile). Breaking Dawn was really a fascinating story, I don't really care if it was plagarized; it was good. And no, I have no desire to become a vampire bride :) Although comparing myself now to pictures from high school, I look like a vampire... I am so white. So much for having a free, sunny summer... I've become too concerned with skin cancer over the last two years. Which is probably better for my overall health, right?? I keep telling myself that. Besides, who wants to look like a tan, blonde barbie with Shirley Temple curls all the time? Been there, done that! senior year (2004) after a winter of daily tanning booth trips...oy.


Laura said...

can't believe you read them that fast! good books though, eh? i loved the first two at least... not much of a reader so i didn't even make it to the third. see you soon! keep training hard and i'll try to keep up with you when i get back!

anna. said...

i can't believe it either. unreal.

even sarah was impressed!!

p.s. my knee is effed and i have to take it easy on my runs lately and do p.t. boo. so...i'm not sure about that half when i get back : /

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