Saturday, July 04, 2009

This is what 4th of July means to me my love.. woah woah woah uh uh

Life (in the form of Darsi's Salsa)
 Liberty (in the form of Cool Whip and Berries White Cake!)
 and the Pursuit of Happiness (otherwise known as Peach Cobbler)
-----------------And then-------------------
Crazy people camping out, 18 hours before the parade!!
 I guess you can call us crazy....
Mr. D playing (working hard as) host of the Parade for Local Channel 17 with Miss Teen Utah...
And.... there a PRE-PARADE?!?! REALLY?? Yeah. For an hour.
BYU athletics=My life. Thanks to Mr. D :)


Kana said...

Happy Birthday ,America :D

Nice photos!!
I went to parade at Dublin, and thought of you!!! many years ago... we run into each other there (after HS :)

See you soon!

anna. said...

food looks super-yum.

i miss salsaaaaa. we have lots here but it's lame.

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