Sunday, July 12, 2009

Documenting my married life through running shoes.

With the exception of a pair of shoes identical to the ones on the far left that I wore from 07-08, these are the running shoes of my 3 year marriage so far. The pair on the left (retired in 2007) probably has around 100 miles, if that. The middle pair I purchased right after my first race last August and has over 500 miles on it (note that I am a terrible example, since running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles or six months, and I went way over on both). And of course, the ones on the right are my beloveds, with about 120 miles on them (I still try to cross-train them on easy runs with the older pairs). 
Including the pair not shown, that is about $350 that Mr. D has spent on this growing habit of mine. And I hope someday he (as well as my parents, still running skeptics) will realize the investment was worthwhile. 
And the real reason for my post (of shame) today...I *gasp* skipped out on my first "planned" race (The Free Family 5 miler I was promoting) this morning because I've had a the worst running week so far in my 10 months of running (neck pain from sleeping on my stomach) and was too afraid that I would have had to run/WALK the race. Am I becoming (running) vain? Probably. But August 20th will mark a full year of running, and (knock on wood) 12 injury-free, nearly monthly races in a row, and as of yet I have been able to fully RUN all those races without a problem, so I didn't want to take any chances today. I did run my 7 miles today (with an hour of yoga with Loriol to assure my full healing) and feel great. Now I've got to find a July race... and I've only got 18 days to do it!!

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