Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The $450 Cat.

I took Kevin to the Vet this morning
and threw up in my mouth a little when the Vet started to clean his ear. So gross I can't even get myself to take pictures. The two "blisters" (or so we thought) that had formed on KG's left ear were, in fact, inflamed infections from not one but two cat bite holes... that, and the 5x of throw up he left me (as I am the only one in the house who cleans up such things) in the last 24 hours, were what brought me to the Vet in the first place. The infection had spread to his bloodstream pretty fast (hence the vomiting) so he is on 4 different antibiotics.
$90..... Fall 09 Shots
$150..... July 09 visit and antibiotics
$120..... September 08 Castration
$90..... Fall 08 Shots
=$450 before this year is out. Wow. Thats only Vet visits.
So the Kevs is doing much better. BUT I swear, if he does not stop scratching his ear, I will get him a cone of shame....

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