Sunday, June 21, 2009

There's no place like home.....?

The best part about the picture I posted before I left is that it really WAS about where we stayed, right on the beach, a 6 minute run to the pier, and 25 minute run from the Oak Island Lighthouse. Needless to say, I got some VERY good runs in last week!
I took this from A, because she described our vacation so perfectly well:
(What we learned on our vacation is the following)
- you cant escape the police on oak island
- southern accents really grind on my nerves
- you can never have enough donuts (or yogurt or cookies) to satisfy my family
- it always sounds like someones in the shower when you stay at a condo right on the beach
- sea gulls love french fries
- pursuit of happyness is the most depressing movie ever
- running on the beach is an awesome workout
- top model is always just have to find the right channel
- my family is full of awesome hula-hoopers
- ...but we're also terrible at badminton. plus we (referring to Mr. and Mrs. D) break all the equipment...
- my family bonds over ice cream and karaoke. top that.
If I can be so bold, I would also add that list by saying that:
-condos are not at all soundproof (and just about my entire family snores)
-my brother can eat 10 chewy granola bars and 17 flavor ice pops in a typical DAY
-its not always easy to enjoy yourself at the beach when your mother mentions you should probably get a bicolored freckle/mole checked out for cancer
-wearing bikinis and/or spandex is a privilege, not a right
-corn pops cereal is NOT in the vegetable food group
-strawberry pop tarts are also not in the fruit group
I came home to find out that while we were gone, KG had:
-Lost his collar
-Peed all over the kitchen floor
-Tossed his mouse toy into his waterbowl, which pickled over to make a nasty stink in our house
-Completely shredded an entire roll of paper towels (my fault for leaving it out...) 
AWESOME. He has done all these things nearly every time we leave him, even when he is in capable and loving care of family or friends. So while I am excited to visit friends and family next month, I am PETRIFIED to leave him for two weeks next month, as that will be the longest period of time we have ever left him "alone"... 
What do I do???? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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anna. said...

haha. for real. i think i might be the only one who doesn't snore. i'm glad you loved the ad i got for you. and i'm sorry if you just have cancer sometimes.

and the kevs just loves to pee all over the place sometimes. if i was in utah, i'd stay with him. maybe for your next vacation...

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