Saturday, June 06, 2009

In it to win it.

Another race has come and gone. 
I should be happy. I should. I killed my PR (finishing in just under 23 minutes), placed seventh in my age group and made 158th place out of over 2000 overall. Mr. D, my mother-in-law, and my three friends who ran with me supported me and congratulated me. I should be thrilled. But I'm not. I really thought I could have made at least top 5 (which they gave plaques for) but I was about 2 and a half minutes away from that glory. I am hungry like I've never been before. I want to PR under 20 minutes for the 5k. The girl who won was in my age group, and made it in about 17 minutes. And you know what? I know I can do it. 
But I may end up running a marathon before I can complete a 5k in 17 minutes. Photos to come soon.

1 comment:

A Little Sass said...

Holy cow .. .You know I am sooo impressed! I would kill to run like you. Congrats on the PR. That is great. Did you win anything in the give-away?

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