Thursday, June 04, 2009

Boycott Denny's. Especially the one in Provo.

Dear Denny's Management,
An incident occurred tonight where my husband and I went out with family after a wonderful afternoon dropping off my brother-in-law at the MTC and spending some family time to dinner at TGIFriday's (planning as we always do to have dessert at Denny's afterwards) and since he had missed the initial turn-in for the TGIFriday, everyone in the car agreed it would be a good idea/not a big deal to park in the Denny's lot (which was actually closer to the entrance of TGIF's). Imagine our surprise as we walked to Denny's and could not find our car, only to find out IT HAD BEEN TOWED. We had been at dinner for just over an hour and OUR CAR WAS GONE. Not booted (which would have only been $50), but TOWED (which was $120), which we discovered after looking for some sign/phone number we could call to get our car back.
The five of us were were lucky enough to get a ride to the tow lot, where the attendant informed us he had been instructed by Denny's Management to ONLY TOW (never to just boot) cars that were found in that lot to not be from Denny's. And that after spotting our car, he "knew" it was not one of the employees cars, and when he went in to "check" if it was a customer's car, THERE WERE NO CUSTOMERS AT DENNY's. So he towed our car (but would not tell us when, only that it was between the hours of 8 and 9, when we were in the restaurant). And we only got it back after paying the $120.
When we walked into Denny's everyone claimed to have no part in the towing, and when my husband attempted to call and speak with the manager he was told "the manager is in the back, cooking." Talk about TERRIBLE customer service.
Here is the REAL tragedy for you, Denny's Management. My husband and I spent our FIRST DATE on September 15th, 2005 at Denny's, dining on brownie a la modes, and have spent every consecutive anniversary dining at that Provo location, not to mention occasionally going to Denny's for our wedding anniversary or birthday, because we HAD such positive associations with it, and now neither of us are interested in EVER returning to ANY Denny's. And you had better believe that our extended family, friends, co-workers, everyone we know will hear about this story in relation to Denny's and you will CERTAINLY be losing much more than a measly $12o in business.
Mrs. D


Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

oh man that sucks! i hate places with terrible customer service, it makes me want to barf all over them.

Laura said...


anna. said...

f'real. lame.

boo denny's.

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