Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Belated Race Photos from the past weekend

The Loveliest Ladies of the Art City Days 5k! With Perfect Weather!
Our traditional top model poses.... I am pretty sure Mr. D was rolling his eyes as he took this picture. Too bad he missed out on the fierceness. Anyone else aware they are doing a Top Model for girls 5'6'' and under?? Can't wait!


Debbie said...

Yeah, I was aware. It stinks. I am too short for reg top model, but too tall for the short stuff. boo. Bye the way, I want to be like you and run super fast 5Ks!! You are so awesome! And I love your baby ruth shirt.

Laura said...

referring to the first picture... only in Utah would you find a man timing a 5k while holding a baby.

You rocked that race Ruth! way to go :)

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