Monday, June 29, 2009

300th Post... wow...

And we celebrate with my first squash blossom!!
Somebody needs to protect it from birds, right?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stray Reflections

Thanks to Mager, for giving me a bunch of extra canned cat food (which I hate giving to KG because he always drinks the juice and leaves the meat), I remembered there was a stray (the one on the right in the above picture) that was looking very skinny lately... turns out it is because she was pregnant! Her kitten (I am guessing is about 3 months old, on the left of the upper picture) showed up... and the poor little thing was petrified of the Kevs!
I suppose I have such a tender place in my heart for strays, since our little Lucy was a stray and I figured that someone must have similarly befriended her by feeding her, or else she would not have been so loving and inviting towards us and we would have never adopted her and been able to care for and find homes for her and her four kittens, who would have otherwise been ferrel like this little kitten above. Don't worry, he wouldn't hurt the little one! I watched for about a half hour, just to make sure. Oh, and since you are reading this, don't tell Mr. D I am feeding strays..... :)
Mr. D's weekend: 3 Softball games.
Mrs. D's weekend: Baking 3+ dozen cookies.

Friday, June 26, 2009

5 Week Victory Garden Update!

Nearly 20 tomatoes, one cilantro plant, a huge weeding session, and five weeks after the first planting. 
Still alive and thriving. It may just end up looking victorious after all!!

This second picture (below) is the sorry little garden when we first planted it, mostly for a point of reference! It was so tiny!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Run a 5 mile race? For FREE???

Yeah, you heard me right. Go here. Read about it. Pre-register online. Or just show up the day of the race (July 11). Its a 5 mile race that will cost you NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. What have you got to lose? Do it with me!

Little brother, DK, made KG a birthday card, but he forgot to give it to the Kevs until now.

KG was so excited he slept with it in his basket Saturday night. And I don't know about you, but seeing the lizard pictures was starting to creep me out so I had to replace it with something.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kevin's first kill.

This is what I get for letting him outside without a noisy bell and collar. To my dismay, KG went wild and found a small lizard today, carried it in his mouth and played air hockey all over the front porch with it! I never even knew there were lizards around here....I am pretty sure that this lizard had an entire tail before Kevin got to him. Don't mistake this last picture for disinterest. This was only a split-second I caught him where he wasn't playing racquetball with the poor thing. He's not allowed back in the house until I can clean him, because lets be honest. That's just plain gross.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I could not find any real, solid information on why that is, but I think it is to help people relax and think. I've been thinking a lot today while weeding (but wanted to wait to post a pic of my newly weeded, blossoming oasis until Friday).
So in thinking about thinking about simplifying and not wasting time, and decided to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts in an attempt to be more productive. I know it was random, but I feel more productive already!
Anyways, there are so many lessons and parables that can be learned or better understood from gardening. All those little tiny weeds with their tiny little roots spread like carpeting, but that is what I get for not weeding in almost 5 weeks. And weeding is hard enough as it is, but the plot we are growing on used to be grass, and unfortunately grass continues to try to grow there. But with 15 tomatoes and counting to protect, we continue to press on.

I don't want to play like Tiger Woods...

With one minor exception. Mr. D and my dad went real golfing, a whole 18 holes. Most people know that I aspire to be an amazing wife, artist, teacher, marathoner, cook, mother, gardener... but something I really want to be pro at is golfing. Mr. D (who hits the links every chance he gets) bought me my own putter, golf shoes, glove, and set of clubs about two Christmases back, and I still haven't been on the green with him. So just between you and me, my goal for next summer is to be good enough at golfing that Mr. D will want to take (not drag) me along for at least a 9-hole outing on a real golf course. Is that too much to ask?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

There's no place like home.....?

The best part about the picture I posted before I left is that it really WAS about where we stayed, right on the beach, a 6 minute run to the pier, and 25 minute run from the Oak Island Lighthouse. Needless to say, I got some VERY good runs in last week!
I took this from A, because she described our vacation so perfectly well:
(What we learned on our vacation is the following)
- you cant escape the police on oak island
- southern accents really grind on my nerves
- you can never have enough donuts (or yogurt or cookies) to satisfy my family
- it always sounds like someones in the shower when you stay at a condo right on the beach
- sea gulls love french fries
- pursuit of happyness is the most depressing movie ever
- running on the beach is an awesome workout
- top model is always just have to find the right channel
- my family is full of awesome hula-hoopers
- ...but we're also terrible at badminton. plus we (referring to Mr. and Mrs. D) break all the equipment...
- my family bonds over ice cream and karaoke. top that.
If I can be so bold, I would also add that list by saying that:
-condos are not at all soundproof (and just about my entire family snores)
-my brother can eat 10 chewy granola bars and 17 flavor ice pops in a typical DAY
-its not always easy to enjoy yourself at the beach when your mother mentions you should probably get a bicolored freckle/mole checked out for cancer
-wearing bikinis and/or spandex is a privilege, not a right
-corn pops cereal is NOT in the vegetable food group
-strawberry pop tarts are also not in the fruit group
I came home to find out that while we were gone, KG had:
-Lost his collar
-Peed all over the kitchen floor
-Tossed his mouse toy into his waterbowl, which pickled over to make a nasty stink in our house
-Completely shredded an entire roll of paper towels (my fault for leaving it out...) 
AWESOME. He has done all these things nearly every time we leave him, even when he is in capable and loving care of family or friends. So while I am excited to visit friends and family next month, I am PETRIFIED to leave him for two weeks next month, as that will be the longest period of time we have ever left him "alone"... 
What do I do???? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is where I will be for the next week. 
No technology for me... For real this time.
Peace. Out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Remember high school?

I like to block out most of it aside from Senior year... everything else was just so meaningless and drama, drama, drama. I had such a good senior year. Great friends, great parties, great memories... like this little keepsake candle holder Mr. D insisted I keep, I think it was a gift from Huber's mom? I'm sure Kana will remember...
 Its strange to think back to all that has happened in just the last 5 years... I am sure the next 5 will be filled with even more surprises!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy belated Christmas/Birthday/Early Father's Day

My latest commission. Quote courtesy of President Uchtdorf this past spring. I thought it fit my dad well and came together in a way I really liked (the photo doesn't do it justice).  He actually wanted another quote, that I did initially (its on the back of this one) but I liked this one the best, because its short and sweet. I love you, Dad. You sure do a lot of important things... so thanks for always making time for me! :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Belated Race Photos from the past weekend

The Loveliest Ladies of the Art City Days 5k! With Perfect Weather!
Our traditional top model poses.... I am pretty sure Mr. D was rolling his eyes as he took this picture. Too bad he missed out on the fierceness. Anyone else aware they are doing a Top Model for girls 5'6'' and under?? Can't wait!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Its true. I have had a garden for about two weeks now... and nothing (knock on wood) has died yet!! The hardest part has been keeping the garden from getting bone dry (thank you, Utah Desert). And we have three baby tomatoes growing... I am glad we (I) decided to plant Early Girl Tomatoes. They blossomed so fast!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

In it to win it.

Another race has come and gone. 
I should be happy. I should. I killed my PR (finishing in just under 23 minutes), placed seventh in my age group and made 158th place out of over 2000 overall. Mr. D, my mother-in-law, and my three friends who ran with me supported me and congratulated me. I should be thrilled. But I'm not. I really thought I could have made at least top 5 (which they gave plaques for) but I was about 2 and a half minutes away from that glory. I am hungry like I've never been before. I want to PR under 20 minutes for the 5k. The girl who won was in my age group, and made it in about 17 minutes. And you know what? I know I can do it. 
But I may end up running a marathon before I can complete a 5k in 17 minutes. Photos to come soon.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Brady's Angels?

Today is B's first full, official day at the MTC... we sure do miss him! No worries, these handsome boys will be reunited in 2011 for at least a year, until little b goes on his mission!
P.S. The reason why C's bum is in the air is because he got "tired" of being in the same position for more than 5 seconds and I kept accidentally turning off the camera instead of taking a picture. So.. my bad.

Boycott Denny's. Especially the one in Provo.

Dear Denny's Management,
An incident occurred tonight where my husband and I went out with family after a wonderful afternoon dropping off my brother-in-law at the MTC and spending some family time to dinner at TGIFriday's (planning as we always do to have dessert at Denny's afterwards) and since he had missed the initial turn-in for the TGIFriday, everyone in the car agreed it would be a good idea/not a big deal to park in the Denny's lot (which was actually closer to the entrance of TGIF's). Imagine our surprise as we walked to Denny's and could not find our car, only to find out IT HAD BEEN TOWED. We had been at dinner for just over an hour and OUR CAR WAS GONE. Not booted (which would have only been $50), but TOWED (which was $120), which we discovered after looking for some sign/phone number we could call to get our car back.
The five of us were were lucky enough to get a ride to the tow lot, where the attendant informed us he had been instructed by Denny's Management to ONLY TOW (never to just boot) cars that were found in that lot to not be from Denny's. And that after spotting our car, he "knew" it was not one of the employees cars, and when he went in to "check" if it was a customer's car, THERE WERE NO CUSTOMERS AT DENNY's. So he towed our car (but would not tell us when, only that it was between the hours of 8 and 9, when we were in the restaurant). And we only got it back after paying the $120.
When we walked into Denny's everyone claimed to have no part in the towing, and when my husband attempted to call and speak with the manager he was told "the manager is in the back, cooking." Talk about TERRIBLE customer service.
Here is the REAL tragedy for you, Denny's Management. My husband and I spent our FIRST DATE on September 15th, 2005 at Denny's, dining on brownie a la modes, and have spent every consecutive anniversary dining at that Provo location, not to mention occasionally going to Denny's for our wedding anniversary or birthday, because we HAD such positive associations with it, and now neither of us are interested in EVER returning to ANY Denny's. And you had better believe that our extended family, friends, co-workers, everyone we know will hear about this story in relation to Denny's and you will CERTAINLY be losing much more than a measly $12o in business.
Mrs. D
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