Monday, May 18, 2009

The Victory Garden

After last year's Practice Garden, I have dubbed this year's a Victory Garden.
My amazing neighbors, Q&A, decided to go halvsies with me on it (which is good, since after the debacle last year, Mr. D is less than thrilled about my second gardening attempt). 

I won't post pictures till we have it all planted, but we will have butternut squash, seven different types of tomatoes (to see which ones grow fastest/best/biggest), orange and green bell peppers, and the herbs parsley, thyme, and basil (all of which I hear are good in salsas).

This will be a great garden, if nothing else because I learned the following from last year's "experience":
1. More water is NOT best for tomatoes (they only need moist soil).
2. Tomatoes require more than 1 hour of sunlight every day (they need at least 6)... South-facing plots are best.
3. Its best to shop around to get the best prices on plants, soil, and fertilizer, not just settle with the first one you come upon because its convenient.
4. DO allow your cat to use your garden as a litter box. I swear its the reason my flowers bloomed for so long. And cats keep birds out of the garden.
5. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Gardening is hard work, and if you want to produce anything worth eating, you need to know what you are doing.
6. Beware the wary spouse. Once you have ruined one garden and essentially wasted money over the course of a summer, he/she will not be pleased that you are planning another garden. So go back to #5 and make sure you know what you are doing for round two, three...etc.

Now to complete The Garden... does anyone know where I can find cilantro plants? 
They are sold out everywhere!

1 comment:

anna. said...

hah. kevs just loves to help sometimes.

maybe charfield will just love the garden?

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