Friday, May 01, 2009


"I would rather you work part time at Baskin-Robbins making minimum wage [again] than for you to just sit around the house, not making any money."
This was said to me direct from my dear, dear Mr. D. The Mr. D who has never had to work as a host, server, ice cream scooper or ANYTHING of the fast-food variety, whereas... I HAVE. At least two jobs at each! And you know what? Any of those occupations are GREAT high school, even college-level jobs. BUT I AM GRADUATED. And I am truly not trying to be all high and mighty, I know we are in a devastating economy. But I have worked hard for 5 years so that I would not have to get a permanently entry-level, horizontal job.
Its not like I am actually sitting at home doing nothing. I would go crazy! I am cleaning, creating, gardening, researching, reading, etc etc....
Honestly? I would rather be a starving, ramen-eating artist than to work fast-food again. And I loathe ramen.
PS I am taking commissions if anyone is interested! I have one so far... in bookbinding of all things!

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Sandy said...

btw, ruth, i thought i should tell you. ever since i became a loyal follower of your blog, i've been cheering you on in my head as you take on various runs and races. and your running posts (esp. the half marathon one) have motivated me to start running competitively again! i haven't run in a race since high school, but as of last week, i am officially registered for the chicago marathon. will you be my running partner in spirit (or blog)?

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