Saturday, May 09, 2009

Counting Blessings

I had a dream last night that Mr. didn't get the job. In the dream, we were devastated and crying that we weren't leaving Utah. I woke up thinking, there are plenty of things I love about Utah, and would be just as happy if we stayed! So here is a complete list of what I love about staying here (in case, heaven forbid, if I forget!):
*My gym membership... what's not to love about $24 a month within running distance?
*The dozens of locally held races available to me every month.
*Stability... living in the same place for nearly 2 years with a fantastic landlord and neighbors.
*Being surrounded by loving and generous extended family members who let me do laundry and watch "Lost" with them.
*I really do love my apartment.
*Mr. D's job (that he loves) gets me into sporting events for free, plus we get awesome perks like free Costa Vida, Papa John's and concession food.
*I heart Cafe Rio.
*Utah is gorgeous! And perfect for trail running.
*Come fall, I will live within 2 miles of my two sisters, 2 brothers in law, and best friend, Hermana L!
*I have my favorite stores, favorite time to shop, and everything is so close and pedestrian accessible.
*I also heart Jamba Juice.
*And heart not having to move... since I always end up packing everything and that hurts my back :/
*Mr. D is planning on giving away/selling for cheap most of our stuff when we DO move, so I enjoy having the "stuff" thats made our apartment what it is, for as long as I can :)
*Zero Humidity= Awesome Hair.
*I adore spring and summer term. It makes me hate fall and winter semesters a little more, but at least I can always look forward to all the students (freshmen) leaving for four months at a time.
*Being within close proximity to BYU means I have easy access to art materials I may need immediately/last minute.
*I actually know and have a few friends within my ward.
*I have enjoyed not changing addresses every few months. And not driving across the country. As much as I love my Mr. D, it is never really fun for me. Because I never do any driving.
*I really want to host a summer arts camp out of a friend's basement, and run the Provo River Half Marathon in August, as well as run the Homecoming 5k with both my sisters in the Fall.
I am sure I am missing at least a few things. But you get the idea. This really has become my home for the last 5 years, as much as I've been denying it over the years. I love this place, and while I do not have plans to live the rest of my life here (I mentioned we only have a one-bedroom, right? and the fact that the first "extra" room we have, I am making into my studio??) but for the next year or two, while we are DINKs. Well, I suppose we are only SINKs at the moment :) Back to painting!

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