Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A very Denver Weekend

...full of hanging out with J&D, Peeps, Zoo animals, Nuggets, an amazing mediterranean salad (!), a visit to D&V's (and a new cake recipe I am sure to use for the rest of my life!!), (my first) dog walk and dog run. Even if I did miss my Mr. D, it was a good 3 days.
AND bananas, guess what? They DO have free Wi-Fi at the Denver Airport :) Good to know, right?? Pics to come soon... 
and hey! Playoffs start this weekend! GO CELTICS!
Next Stop.. Minneapolis on Thursday!

1 comment:

anna. said...

hah...free wi-fi in denver. who knew?

i haven't flown through there in a while. it's kind of an awkward halfway point from utah to ohio since it's too close to here. oh well.

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