Friday, April 03, 2009

secrets, secrets, secrets and... somebody loves me :)

omg i have a HUGE secret. one that I cannot disclose because of certain people reading this blog, but one that wholly made my day and I cannot stop smiling, I will tell THE SECRET tomorrow. You will just have to wait. And I just read that over, and so you know, it is NOT that i'm expecting. but its almost that awesome. Stay tuned...Also *ahem* somebody left me a bouquet of flowers (I never get flowers!!) and (one of my many) favorite treat FLIPZ at my doorstep sometime while I was at school!! The greatest part is that I can think of about a dozen people who it could be from, I just have so many AWESOME people in my life. I have an inkling of who it was but in case I am wrong, whoever it was...

TODAY HAS BEEN AWESOME and this was really the icing on the cake (and we all know how much I love icing)!!

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