Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, the good news first. They have finally posted the Provo Half Marathon race results online, at You can search racers by race (5k or half marathon), gender, age, or bib number. Also, as it is my last week of student teaching, this blog is officially going PUBLIC again! *Cue party music*
I just HAD to have at least two pieces of good news to balance the rest of this stuff out. The worst news? 
1. The Dowling shown here NOT sniffling (I am still broke his arm Saturday night... (because there's no better way to celebrate running 13 miles than to go to a trampoline gym??) So yeah, poor B has been in the Hospital this weekend and is only now recouping, and he should be fine to leave for his California mission in two months. Which made the next piece of news a little more painful:
2. We are staying in Utah. The job fair did not go well, and even though I could have my pick of $20+/hour nannying jobs, since the Mr. won't have a job, we are staying put. Which I would have at least been a little ok with, had we not had this incident with B to remind me how very very far our families are. And I wish we could live closer to them, but it is nice that I can play mommy to all the siblings we will have here (with the addition of my youngest sister, and leaving of B on his mission, we will still be at 4). But with staying here, that also means that:
3. Two weeks from Friday I will officially be graduated and unemployed. And for me, that is a really scary thing, because that's the first time in my life I will have that status. PS *shameless plug* I am desperately looking for a job, so if you know of anyone who needs a teacher, artist, nanny, interior designer, cook in training, running coach.... let me know.
Wow. Depressing. I never want to end on that sort of note, so I wanted to mention a few good things about staying here in Utah: I have my gym, my apartment, my kitten, my sister(s), Mr. D's relatives, and my Mr. D, all of whom I love!!

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