Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am NOT a happy camper. I have to wait another 3 hours until I can fly to Chicago, followed by another handful of hours until I see my Mr. D again, an hour to drop everyone off and drive home... I just want to leave already! I am literally starting to feel sick, I am sick and tired of carrying around my luggage everywhere, and I just want to be HOME. I am pretty sure our professors get direct flights....so why can't we?? I am also a party pooper. Everyone is off visiting cathedrals (something I have already done on my many ventures alone in the city), and I chose to sit with my luggage, as I am contemplating just leaving and being at the airport a little longer... at least I won't be late and I can take a nap when I get there.
I've just made my decision. I am leaving. Alone.

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