Friday, April 17, 2009

Ode to Mr. D... and the start of NAEA 09

I would be remiss not to say that I have the most amazing, fabulous, thoughtful, loving, wonderful, generous (and not to mention handsome) husbands of all time. I mean, not too many husbands would volunteer themselves to (after only an hour of sleep the night before) drive 4 girls up to the airport at 3am in blizzard-like conditions, and only two days after picking me up from the airport, to drop me off again for another six days away from him. I LOVE MY MR. D!
So... the rest of our day could basically be recapped like this:
 But thankfully ended up in two of my favorite places: Chipotle and an Art Museum!
The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) was AMAZING!!! I was my first full-sized Frank Stella (!!!!) and a fabulous Dale Chihuly, among literally, throngs of incredible art we simply did not have the time for... I hope we can go back again soon. After a GREAT night of sleep (and a cooked to order breakfast, complementary!), Today starts the conference! Off to more learning!

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Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

that's so cool that you get to go to cool conferences, i'm jealous.

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