Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I am so excited... only 3 more days of student teaching but I am officially bit by the artmaking bug! (finally, and in perfect time!). I worked on my Identity Layers self-portrait I am having my Honors Art students work on for their BIG final project hoopla!! I am sad to only spend 2 more days with them, but hope to get some photos of their work on here soon!

Also, I have decided to start an Arts Camp this summer, since I will be staying put and have a very generous location offer. So if you know a little one who is interested in any of the following, let me know: sewing dolls, cooking and baking beautifully, oil or tempera painting, ceramics, etc. 

And I am re-painting the interior of our apartment (who wouldn't get sick of lime green in their bathroom after 2 years?), work on come more ceramics stuff on the wheel, all whilst still trying to convince the Mr. that I can grow a successful garden that will be worth the money... more to come later!

Bring it on!

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