Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When A's fire-fighting neighbor allowed us to kitten-sit for the day while they were out camping in Moab, I was more than elated... I was positively giddy. You see, Cinderella (as it sounds a little more regal than saying "kitten" all the time) is a little miracle. When fire-fighting neighbor (FFN) was doing his duty burning tumbleweeds quite a few days ago, he heard a noise and he listened to it. They were not, in fact, the cries of birds but the cries of kittens! The dry brush they had recently doused with gasoline to allow it to burn quicker before setting it aflame, had (in fact) kittens in it!! No mama cat in sight, two of the five kittens died and the other three were taken to a shelter, where everyone assumed they would die due to some complications in their lungs as an effect of smoke inhalation. But they didn't! FFN was given the option (since he had helped save them) to take home a kitten, or they would be sold at the shelter the next day for $90... so he took one! Totally singed tail, mini mini whiskers (also singed), and much of the back of her body in little uneven patches of hair. She is so tiny I can hold her cupped in my hands easily, we are still teaching her to use the litterbox, and she puts her entire little body in the food plate when she eats. I came home last night to see her playing in my living room, purring nonstop like a little motorboat. When Kevs came in and started hissing at her, she hissed right back and scared the living daylights out of him!!
And of course, the Kevs hates her. Even now, he is sniffing the whole house while Cinderella lays next to my leg, purring contentedly. She's only here until tonight, but still. What a wonderful little miracle kitten.

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