Saturday, April 25, 2009

"'All the action'... because a lot of stuff is happening in this"

Thanks to this lovely family, my party was THE place to be... with best food and people to be around! Thank you, thank you!!
Me and my Grandpa P... our first picture together (awww)
FINALLY tracked A down long enough to get a photo op with her!
My Fabulous BYU Art Ed ladies!!
So today was graduation. And I don't have a single picture with my parents on my camera! Those will have to come later... but for now, here's the recap for the day: I graduated (yay!) and Elder Oaks spoke at my graduation (Elders Nelson and Uchtdorf spoke at yesterday's commencement), we had a BLAST at my graduation luncheon/party, went shopping with my wonderful mother, stopped by at the (rainy) BYU baseball game for some churros (little D's choice) and overall had another amazing day. 
I love my family. I have the greatest family in the world!! I just wish they did not have to leave tomorrow...
P.S. [[Little D here]] I'm so glad I'm finally with my sister again!  Oh, and check out my blog(s).  They are, and


Sandy said...

huge congrats, Zeus! your announcement just arrived in the mail yesterday and i was so excited when i opened it. hard to believe it's been so long -- i still remember you in middle school!

Michelle said...

WOOHOO!!!! We are so proud of you! My little girl, all grown up :) We sure wish we could have been there with you to celebrate. CONGRATS!!!!!

anna. said...

ahh first picture with my short hair omg.

miss you backkk.

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