Thursday, April 30, 2009

so I nearly had a heart attack--

After a day of mad cleaning the house inside-out, I looked up my grades and well, student teaching was just one class, so I just had one first glance--"F"!!!!???!? Omg. Then I looked a little closer and realized it was a "P." Did NOT know this was a pass/fail class. Phew! Its official, I am getting my degree after all! SO relieved! So with 163 credits, 3 classes retaken, all in the course of 5 years, I graduate with a 3.29 GPA. Not bad but not awesome. I think my major GPA is a little higher? Candid photo taken by Mr. D. who claims I always "fake" smile, so he supposedly caught me in a "real" smile. Woo-hoo! I am graduated! what????

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us...

And three years later, other than being much more better looking than we were then (as if that was possible), we are both graduated from BYU and looking to start a future outside of Provo! 
I love you, Mr. D!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, Kevin Youkilis Faulk Garnett Dowling

It has.
And what a crazy, wonderful year it has been.
Mr. D and I have successfully raised a living being to be 365 days old! We will certainly be celebrating with tuna sandwiches tonight with the most wonderful pet in the world! Happy Birthday, KG!
The Kevs with his birthday bowl, hand thrown by yours truly (in Celtic green, no less!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All good things must come to an end :(

And today, they did. I can't believe I never got a picture of my entire family together on my camera, but I know a few were taken so I will have to post them once someone emails them to me. I will miss you guys!!

"'All the action'... because a lot of stuff is happening in this"

Thanks to this lovely family, my party was THE place to be... with best food and people to be around! Thank you, thank you!!
Me and my Grandpa P... our first picture together (awww)
FINALLY tracked A down long enough to get a photo op with her!
My Fabulous BYU Art Ed ladies!!
So today was graduation. And I don't have a single picture with my parents on my camera! Those will have to come later... but for now, here's the recap for the day: I graduated (yay!) and Elder Oaks spoke at my graduation (Elders Nelson and Uchtdorf spoke at yesterday's commencement), we had a BLAST at my graduation luncheon/party, went shopping with my wonderful mother, stopped by at the (rainy) BYU baseball game for some churros (little D's choice) and overall had another amazing day. 
I love my family. I have the greatest family in the world!! I just wish they did not have to leave tomorrow...
P.S. [[Little D here]] I'm so glad I'm finally with my sister again!  Oh, and check out my blog(s).  They are, and

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Graduation part 1 of 2 and Hiking the "Y"

Well, the family has flown into town and you know what that means...
We had a fun morning hiking the "Y" (which I never thought I would see the day that little D would actually hike, but he did!) as a family and I spent a wonderful evening with my sisters (S will also be class of '09, but in high school, while A will be BYU class of '10) and my dad. I love when they come out to visit, even though I am always sad it is for just a few short days...they leave Saturday morning :(. Well, tomorrow will be a blast, I cannot wait for my party and a whole afternoon with family!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So cute I can hardly stand it... little kitten


When A's fire-fighting neighbor allowed us to kitten-sit for the day while they were out camping in Moab, I was more than elated... I was positively giddy. You see, Cinderella (as it sounds a little more regal than saying "kitten" all the time) is a little miracle. When fire-fighting neighbor (FFN) was doing his duty burning tumbleweeds quite a few days ago, he heard a noise and he listened to it. They were not, in fact, the cries of birds but the cries of kittens! The dry brush they had recently doused with gasoline to allow it to burn quicker before setting it aflame, had (in fact) kittens in it!! No mama cat in sight, two of the five kittens died and the other three were taken to a shelter, where everyone assumed they would die due to some complications in their lungs as an effect of smoke inhalation. But they didn't! FFN was given the option (since he had helped save them) to take home a kitten, or they would be sold at the shelter the next day for $90... so he took one! Totally singed tail, mini mini whiskers (also singed), and much of the back of her body in little uneven patches of hair. She is so tiny I can hold her cupped in my hands easily, we are still teaching her to use the litterbox, and she puts her entire little body in the food plate when she eats. I came home last night to see her playing in my living room, purring nonstop like a little motorboat. When Kevs came in and started hissing at her, she hissed right back and scared the living daylights out of him!!
And of course, the Kevs hates her. Even now, he is sniffing the whole house while Cinderella lays next to my leg, purring contentedly. She's only here until tonight, but still. What a wonderful little miracle kitten.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am NOT a happy camper. I have to wait another 3 hours until I can fly to Chicago, followed by another handful of hours until I see my Mr. D again, an hour to drop everyone off and drive home... I just want to leave already! I am literally starting to feel sick, I am sick and tired of carrying around my luggage everywhere, and I just want to be HOME. I am pretty sure our professors get direct why can't we?? I am also a party pooper. Everyone is off visiting cathedrals (something I have already done on my many ventures alone in the city), and I chose to sit with my luggage, as I am contemplating just leaving and being at the airport a little longer... at least I won't be late and I can take a nap when I get there.
I've just made my decision. I am leaving. Alone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We're 17 again....Day 5 of NAEA

Happy Monday Marathon Day!! :)
Dr. Graham and a few fellow students presented their Rock Art Research to us at the Conference this morning and it wasn't even boring! Their slide show had lots of fantastic and interesting pictures.Then we went to... (*drumroll please*) The Mall of America! We wanted to go on some of the awesome rides after hours of shopping, but instead opted to...
Eat a nutritious lunch AND
See the GREATEST MOVIE EVER. We were positively giddy... so I suppose it was a good things that we were just about the only ones in the theater. Okay, maybe that was an overstatement, but really, this movie is what I want for my birthday. It was one of the few romantic comedies I have seen that I LOVED start to finish, no if's, and's, or but's about it.
And then we ended the day at another AWESOME place... Bucca di Beppo's! Yum!
It's been a fun few days with great friends, but I am ready to see and be with my Mr. D tomorrow night!!!

Days 3 and 4 of NAEA 2009!

Saturday we got TONS of free art supplies from the vendors,
Then went to more student chapter stuff... looking like FIERCE pro's as usual,
 Played Top Model "trapped in a box" (Tyra would be so proud),
And since some dumb kids were dirtying the pool, we finished the night in a sauna making Spin Art! Sunday, on the other hand, was much quieter, but I did forget my camera. I got to meet amazing artist Mark Bradford, listen to him speak twice, and walked to the Walker museum and sculpture garden, all equaling quite the enlightening Sunday. I am learning so much about who I am and who want to become... I love art!! I love teaching! I have the greatest major (and hottest group of girls to hang out with!)!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It is 1:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep (?!)

I know its only been a few days but man do I miss this guy. Its hard to fall asleep without him.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovely Ladies! Day 2 of NAEA

Conference'd it up for hours (including Dr. Graham's Graphic Novel presentation),

Went to a lame Crayola party,

And ended up eating ice cream at Target! Another fabulous end to the day!

Ode to Mr. D... and the start of NAEA 09

I would be remiss not to say that I have the most amazing, fabulous, thoughtful, loving, wonderful, generous (and not to mention handsome) husbands of all time. I mean, not too many husbands would volunteer themselves to (after only an hour of sleep the night before) drive 4 girls up to the airport at 3am in blizzard-like conditions, and only two days after picking me up from the airport, to drop me off again for another six days away from him. I LOVE MY MR. D!
So... the rest of our day could basically be recapped like this:
 But thankfully ended up in two of my favorite places: Chipotle and an Art Museum!
The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) was AMAZING!!! I was my first full-sized Frank Stella (!!!!) and a fabulous Dale Chihuly, among literally, throngs of incredible art we simply did not have the time for... I hope we can go back again soon. After a GREAT night of sleep (and a cooked to order breakfast, complementary!), Today starts the conference! Off to more learning!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It may be snowy in mid-April...

But at least my hair is getting longer! 
Have you ever been in a poisonous relationship with hundreds of red flags and not even known it? I have. And you know what? It is SO worth it to get out of that relationship, because really, they are not worth your time in the first place (which unfortunately you only realize with hindsight) and you will feel so much better after you get out of it, because I know I do. There is good reason behind why I have the friends that I do, and some people can't seem to keep friendships. Here's to actually keeping honest friends who let you speak your mind! :)
Mr. D and I hope you had a very Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Denver Pics

Me and D 
Happy Easter!

A very Denver Weekend

...full of hanging out with J&D, Peeps, Zoo animals, Nuggets, an amazing mediterranean salad (!), a visit to D&V's (and a new cake recipe I am sure to use for the rest of my life!!), (my first) dog walk and dog run. Even if I did miss my Mr. D, it was a good 3 days.
AND bananas, guess what? They DO have free Wi-Fi at the Denver Airport :) Good to know, right?? Pics to come soon... 
and hey! Playoffs start this weekend! GO CELTICS!
Next Stop.. Minneapolis on Thursday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

tell it like it is.

Did you ever have an experience where you knew for a fact someone was inadvertently lying? And you were pretty sure they thought that that lie was the truth, but also that in believing that lie they felt better about themselves, even if it bothered you, and you don't want to tell them the truth as everyone else knows it because even as a friend you know they would probably just not even believe you? 
Aren't things supposed to matter less the further back in time they took place?
Its sad but sometimes people are just not worth your time.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

SUCCESS in the form of a free race and finding out my half marathon time!

Today was a great day. My second to last day of student teaching, students telling me how much they will miss me (aww), taking pictures, making amazing projects AND finally wrapping up the crazy correspondence I have had with the Provo Half Marathon since Sunday about my race chip not working. The race founders are nothing short of AMAZING and were able to turn this entire experience around, researching and finding my time (see, click on Provo City Half Marathon, Results and Photos, 2009, and search bib #282... that's me!). For those of you who do not want to make the trek, no worries, I will post the stats RIGHT HERE:

I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour, 58 minutes and 36 seconds (running the first 6.55 miles in 58:20)
I placed OVERALL 227th out of 550 half marathon runners.
I placed within FEMALES 75th out of 314 female half marathon runners.
In my DIVISION (females 20-24) I placed 14th out of 84!

Not too shabby of a half marathon for a first-timer, albeit with 8 months of training. :) Hey, I worked HARD for it, I deserve to gloat a little bit. Now onto my next race!

PS Because of the mix-up, they are letting me run in the Memorial Day race next month for FREE! All is forgiven and forgotten!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

One year and the Boston Marathon

With all the chaos of the weekend, I spaced on the one year anniversary of this blog! It was on April 3, 2008 (A year ago last Friday) that I began this blog as more of an experiment/requirement for a technology portion in an art education class, and over the months just fell in love with it, as a way to visually express myself and my life in a way that can communicate to others! I have since created my very own online professional portfolio (which I desperately need to update before I send people there!), and created a second blog based more specifically on addressing things of an artistic nature... whether that is art production, thoughts, or my newfound interest, running! (8 months and counting!).

Speaking of which, the 113th Boston Marathon is rapidly approaching! (April 20th) I am so excited to maybe watch it online and root for my personal favorite, Kara Goucher!! I want to see a girl win it this year (which hasn't been done since the year I was born, 1985) so Go Kara!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I am so excited... only 3 more days of student teaching but I am officially bit by the artmaking bug! (finally, and in perfect time!). I worked on my Identity Layers self-portrait I am having my Honors Art students work on for their BIG final project hoopla!! I am sad to only spend 2 more days with them, but hope to get some photos of their work on here soon!

Also, I have decided to start an Arts Camp this summer, since I will be staying put and have a very generous location offer. So if you know a little one who is interested in any of the following, let me know: sewing dolls, cooking and baking beautifully, oil or tempera painting, ceramics, etc. 

And I am re-painting the interior of our apartment (who wouldn't get sick of lime green in their bathroom after 2 years?), work on come more ceramics stuff on the wheel, all whilst still trying to convince the Mr. that I can grow a successful garden that will be worth the money... more to come later!

Bring it on!

funny story...

Very unlike our typical Kevs with his puppy-dog loyalty (literally, we call him, and he comes, like a dog. NEVER fails...until last night) we couldn't find him, didn't hear his tinkering little bell. I was a wreck going to bed, and even worse when I didn't find him this morning before work. I got into my car to leave for work, looked to my left where Q&A's car sat parked next to mine, and was SHOCKED to see a bouncing little furball inside their car!! My Kevs had snuck into their car (which he does rather often, as he has car fetish. I know, its random. but we love him for it.) and SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT stuck in there! I quickly opened the passenger door (thankfully, it was unlocked) and he appeared to be desperate for attention (meaning back to normal), but overall okay. :)
Also, opening day for the Sox (currently up by 2 at the middle of the ninth) and I have decided I don't really care about the whole Half Marathon drama... I am already planning my next one in August!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, the good news first. They have finally posted the Provo Half Marathon race results online, at You can search racers by race (5k or half marathon), gender, age, or bib number. Also, as it is my last week of student teaching, this blog is officially going PUBLIC again! *Cue party music*
I just HAD to have at least two pieces of good news to balance the rest of this stuff out. The worst news? 
1. The Dowling shown here NOT sniffling (I am still broke his arm Saturday night... (because there's no better way to celebrate running 13 miles than to go to a trampoline gym??) So yeah, poor B has been in the Hospital this weekend and is only now recouping, and he should be fine to leave for his California mission in two months. Which made the next piece of news a little more painful:
2. We are staying in Utah. The job fair did not go well, and even though I could have my pick of $20+/hour nannying jobs, since the Mr. won't have a job, we are staying put. Which I would have at least been a little ok with, had we not had this incident with B to remind me how very very far our families are. And I wish we could live closer to them, but it is nice that I can play mommy to all the siblings we will have here (with the addition of my youngest sister, and leaving of B on his mission, we will still be at 4). But with staying here, that also means that:
3. Two weeks from Friday I will officially be graduated and unemployed. And for me, that is a really scary thing, because that's the first time in my life I will have that status. PS *shameless plug* I am desperately looking for a job, so if you know of anyone who needs a teacher, artist, nanny, interior designer, cook in training, running coach.... let me know.
Wow. Depressing. I never want to end on that sort of note, so I wanted to mention a few good things about staying here in Utah: I have my gym, my apartment, my kitten, my sister(s), Mr. D's relatives, and my Mr. D, all of whom I love!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thank yous are certainly in order...

But not in any particular order, as they were all crucial to my success today. So, with that in mind, I would like to take a moment to thank:

-My amazing parents, S&A, as well as the "man upstairs" for gracing me with a physical body that at times doesn't even realizes what it is capable of

-Mr. D, who convinced me I had to run no matter what. and without his competitive voice in my head the last three miles, I would have never pushed it and finished in under two hours. I wish he could have been there to see it, but there will be many races in the future for sure.

-My amazing little sister, Bananas. How did I get so lucky? You were my shoulder to cry on, and my biggest support this weekend. (PS she was the one who got me the flowers and flipz... I knew it!) What will I do without you this summer?? Just miss you...

-Uncle D and big bro M for giving me a blessing last night... I know it is because of that blessing, with those kind words and higher authority, that really was the key to my success today.
-And I would be remiss if i did not mention this gang right here... the heart and soul of my running (not counting my ipod). The two on the far left ran the first 10 miles right with me... clocking in at 9 minute miles, perfectly! And B&L... you may have struck out fast, but I beat you in the end :)

Today was a great day. Really sore (mostly my knees and shins) but a great conference "marathon" (ha ha) with Bananas and some wonderful sisterly bonding. 

And Mr. D comes home tomorrow!! :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I am a winner.

-so cold
-so hard
-snowing the whole time
-utterly awesome
I am so sore, but so satisfied. I made 13.1 miles in under two hours. :) 
more to come!


Sooo.. my half marathon is in 10 hours. And I totally just polished off that entire bag of Flipz. I should PROBABLY get to bed sometime soon. :) Wish me luck!

Friday, April 03, 2009

secrets, secrets, secrets and... somebody loves me :)

omg i have a HUGE secret. one that I cannot disclose because of certain people reading this blog, but one that wholly made my day and I cannot stop smiling, I will tell THE SECRET tomorrow. You will just have to wait. And I just read that over, and so you know, it is NOT that i'm expecting. but its almost that awesome. Stay tuned...Also *ahem* somebody left me a bouquet of flowers (I never get flowers!!) and (one of my many) favorite treat FLIPZ at my doorstep sometime while I was at school!! The greatest part is that I can think of about a dozen people who it could be from, I just have so many AWESOME people in my life. I have an inkling of who it was but in case I am wrong, whoever it was...

TODAY HAS BEEN AWESOME and this was really the icing on the cake (and we all know how much I love icing)!!

the big decision

I am going to do it. I just decided tonight. I am going to run my provo half. Even if it means (since as I write, it is pouring rain) that I get sicker than I am now, I will do it. My parents both warn me against it, but Mr. knows I can do it. I just may have to dress extra warmly and say a few more prayers than I usually do, but with B&L there, and Bananas cheering me on, I have nothing to fear.

I went to yoga, cross trained and ran three miles tonight. I think I am going to be ok.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Have you ever had one of those dreams...

...Where your past collides with the present, in a way that would never in the real world be possible? In my 18-hours of sleeping stupor over the last 24 hours, I did. And while what actually happened is not quite so important as what I felt, a calm reassurance that the choices I made in the past were the right ones and that in my life,  I have no regrets.

Only 3 more days till Mr. D is back in my arms again! :)


I get sick with a cold or flu at least twice a year and have pretty much given up on modern medicine and stuck to good old self-medicating, thanks in HUGE part to my FANTASTIC neighbors, Q and A, who were so wonderful to buy me my stash while Mr. D is away (who made it safely to Boston this evening). Q and A are so nice and amazing and I am so lucky to have them, especially at a time like this. Hopefully, this will do the trick and I can get better in time for my 13 miler on Saturday, and not have to miss any school. I have only 7 more days to go!
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