Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wonderful Mr. D

Where did this man come from??
First of all, on Tuesday he actually went on a RUN with me. Then Thursday I had E and A over for Top Model (which Mr. thinks is laughable, and it is but we love it nevertheless) and Mr. randomly went shopping, and bought FRUIT. 
FRESH FRUIT IN MARCH. He never does that. And then he made the three of us lovely fruit and yogurt parfaits that would easily put McDonald's to shame, even watching some of ANTM with us. Last night he watched the Cavs/Celtics game with me for the second time, since I didn't get home till after 9. Then he came to my race today and cheered A and I on from the sidelines. Plus, all week he's been giving me these amazing backrubs in the few minutes I have been able to sit down with him and watch TV together AND has either done dishes or cooked every day this week (sometimes, BOTH!).
I have an amazing husband who really knows when to step it up and wow me, which is usually at the times I am most tired, stressed and less likely to notice. But I have noticed. And once again, I know
Time and again, he makes me want to be a better person.


Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

Nice- husbands are great

Kana said...

you are a very lucky girl!!!:D

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