Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rex Lee revisited... again. This time with REAL race results!

So I didn't make it into the top 100. Or even the top 200. But I did make # 226 out of 521 people, with 8:21 minute miles running in the Rex Lee 10k a few weeks back. That's huge! Its a bit of a bummer that I only registered the day of, because they never registered my gender or age, so I can't tell how well I did with the females or in my age bracket, but I can say that was one of the BEST races I have ever run in my life so far! Check it out! This is a good boost, especially when I am running the PROVO HALF MARATHON one week from Saturday *nerves* and am praying for under 3 hours at this point. J ran the Moab Half last weekend in about 2:30. I think if I make it in that good of time without getting hurt I will... do something crazy. Like sign up for a Marathon. Who knows? We'll see :) PS has anyone tried the new Jamba Juice oatmeal? Its heaven. I want to learn how to make it myself. Any suggestions???
PSS PROPS out there to the STEVENS who convinced me to run it, and will hopefully run the half with me on Saturday!!!!

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Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

Way to mention the Stevens?!- the ones who convinced you to run it with us and who (Eric) pushed us to run so fast!! J/K it was fun and I'm glad we all ran it together

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