Monday, March 30, 2009

Postsecret Art

I love Postsecret I mean, it is an absolutely brilliant, fabulous, successful artist maneuver and it is just... wow. I love Sunday Secrets. I love that total strangers tell their secrets to the world to be shared with more total strangers. It is about collaboration, creating conversation, and sharing ideas. I hope to have my high school students create their own Postsecrets and if I do, I will be sure to post them here. For now, total strangers' Postsecrets will have to do.

Postsecret IS contemporary art. It is so real, raw, unmasked, scary, sad, true, touching, fascinating, and even ugly at times.
I love it.


anna. said...

yet another reason sundays are my favorite days.

livinghealthyintherealworld said...

There's really SOMETHING about sharing secrets like that. The raw reality makes it very beautiful, thought-provoking art.

- Sagan

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