Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Perfect Soup

Well, I was right. It snowed last night, but at least its not too much. The good news is that I have finally found my new favorite soup!!
It is called Progresso (Light) Southwestern-Style Vegetable, and as soon as I opened it it smelled like a mexican market.. in a good way! I swear, even though it is vegetable, they must have pureed tortilla chips in there because thats what I was smelling and tasting. So good.
Have you tried it? You should. Its only 120 calories for the whole can!
Tell me what you think??
P.S. It DOES have MSG in it, which is not my first choice for an artificial additive, but (stepping up on my soapbox) I think it is mostly bad in things like Oreos or Potato Chips, because it causes you to keep eating it/craving it. Somehow, in all my years of souping experience, I have NEVER eaten too much soup. Even when it has MSG. So... I wouldn't worry about that. But its always a good idea to read your labels. Especially the ingredients.

1 comment:

anna. said...

hmm. i should eat more soup. i don't usually think about it, but it's nice especially when it's cold out (like today...)

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