Friday, March 13, 2009

Never quite the perfect...anything.

That should really be the name of my blog.
I didn't forget my dad's birthday. I just went to school, came home and napped and before I knew it, HE had called ME so that he could chat with me before he went to bed. I have still not finished the work of art I promised to make months ago. Yikes. I am a terrible daughter. I'll be busy this weekend.
On a lighter, and more interesting note (for everyone else other than me), I thought you might like this picture:
It shows how truly our KG is the messiest eater in our family, as he basically SHOVES his face into the food as he eats. We have tried bigger bowls, but he still makes a huge mess. Huge. This is a typical example of the daily mess I have to clean up.Aaaand... he also tends to shove his face under the food as I pour it into the bowl, showering the top of his head with dry food crumbs. Then he proceeded to fall asleep for an hour with those crumbs on his head before I woke him up and "bathed" him (wiped his head with kitty wipes). Crazy or Lazy??

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