Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mrs. D's Top 10 Favorite Things that Are Green

Its that time of year again, when I look at the calendar and ache to be back in good ole' Dublin, with parades and parties and everything Irished and Green, where you actually WOULD get pinched all day if you were not wearing green... *sigh. Last night, I was mentally planning a fabulously irish/green dinner for tonight (while half-asleep in Mr. D's arms "watching" ESPN), that is, until Mr. informed me we had "other plans" (family dinner...elsewhere. boo.).But I won't let that get me down, after all, there is always next year, right? After reading Jimmy Fallon's top 10 list of things that are green, I decided to make my own!
10. Grass...but not Utah grass. Only midwest/eastern, rain-rich grass!
9. Green Works from Clorox.
8. Green watercolor and oil paint.
7. I look good in them, so my many green Shirts.
6. Dublin, Ohio!
5. Green Giant's Immunity Blend Steamed Vegetables! mmm!
4. Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
3. The BOSTON Celtics!
2. Guacomole! Scratch that-- ANYTHING WITH AVOCADO! Need I say more??
1. My little KG's Green Eyes!


Kana said...

cute list!!!
You do look good in Green :)
Happy-Lated-St.Patty's Day :D
Miss you!

anna. said...

hah just love.

i miss dublin.

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