Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been one of those days

I went to visit C who was in the hospital because she just had a beautiful little girl yesterday. I was able to hold her and visit with them and then I came home and fell apart. What is making me so emotional lately? I suppose I can always blame it on the 2-hour workouts, where I am either unable to move (Saturday, post-11-miler) or a basket case unable-to-lift-her-arms-above-her-head-McCain-Style (tonight).  I'm going on a running hiatus for a month after the half. It is really draining on me, physically and mentally.
I was a little sad today. I miss my kittens. Is that odd? I mean, I still have one of them, but I miss all their little fuzzy bodies bouncing around the house (granted, they are much bigger now,  I am sure). I miss caring for some bodies, having them depend on you for everything. I love my Kevs but the only thing he needs nowadays are for me to open the door (which will be eliminated once the weather is nice again and we just leave the windows open for him to come and go as he pleases) and feed him. Thank goodness there is always tomorrow with the promise of a happier day.

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