Friday, March 13, 2009

the dilemma

The Rex Lee Run is tomorrow. I was not planning on running because 1) I ran a race last weekend, 2) I am running my half marathon in 3 weeks, and 3) it costs $25 that I probably shouldn't be spending on another race that I could potentially get injured in.

So what made me change my mind?

1) Mager called me and asked me if I was going to run, since she was running with her hubby even though she's injured a metatarsal or something and is still planning on running the half marathon as well as the 10k (AKA friend guilt and peer pressure!), 2) the RLR 2008 was the race I was supposed to run with Amax but I got sick and was left to watch her race from the sidelines, which was fun but really left me feeling empty and sad that I couldn't run with her. I will NOT have that feeling again. 3) ITS MY SECOND SENIOR YEAR (yeah, it took me five years to graduate) and I want to celebrate it with some of my friends (AKA the few that I have left that actually enjoy running)!! and 4) Mr. D is spending a couple hundred to go to a job fair in Boston the weekend I run my half marathon, so I guess this will make me feel better about it?

7am I'll see if there are any spots left to register tomorrow. And if so, that will be AWESOME.

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