Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He leaves tomorrow. *sad face with little tear*

I will miss Mr. D so much for 5 whole days until he is back in my outstretched arms again. but of course, being the good wife I am, I hope him the best during his travels and whether or not he gets a job back East, I am excited to start plans for our future (post-April 24th, my graduation) when he gets back! 
Can you believe I have only 8 days of student teaching left till my university undergraduate is COMPLETE??? Its..... wow.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Postsecret Art

I love Postsecret I mean, it is an absolutely brilliant, fabulous, successful artist maneuver and it is just... wow. I love Sunday Secrets. I love that total strangers tell their secrets to the world to be shared with more total strangers. It is about collaboration, creating conversation, and sharing ideas. I hope to have my high school students create their own Postsecrets and if I do, I will be sure to post them here. For now, total strangers' Postsecrets will have to do.

Postsecret IS contemporary art. It is so real, raw, unmasked, scary, sad, true, touching, fascinating, and even ugly at times.
I love it.

Yesterday, I made my first doll

Mommy for a day

Saturday, MK (Mr. D's brother's roomate's little sister) and I hung out all afternoon and evening, since her parents were in Florida. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D (AWESOME!)
We shopped for literally HOURS... she got a reversible sweatshirt (shown below) for $3 and I bought my graduation outfit!
Our diet for the day consisted of ice cream, popcorn, nachos, and carrots...
And we ended our 12-hour day making dolls (MK's shown above)... A perfect day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blast from the past...

So I'm still trying to figure out this whole Poladroid thing, but heres a little treat from our dating days :) 
Mr. D's job fair in Boston is officially a week from tomorrow...we are just praying for a lead, something, anything...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rex Lee revisited... again. This time with REAL race results!

So I didn't make it into the top 100. Or even the top 200. But I did make # 226 out of 521 people, with 8:21 minute miles running in the Rex Lee 10k a few weeks back. That's huge! Its a bit of a bummer that I only registered the day of, because they never registered my gender or age, so I can't tell how well I did with the females or in my age bracket, but I can say that was one of the BEST races I have ever run in my life so far! Check it out! This is a good boost, especially when I am running the PROVO HALF MARATHON one week from Saturday *nerves* and am praying for under 3 hours at this point. J ran the Moab Half last weekend in about 2:30. I think if I make it in that good of time without getting hurt I will... do something crazy. Like sign up for a Marathon. Who knows? We'll see :) PS has anyone tried the new Jamba Juice oatmeal? Its heaven. I want to learn how to make it myself. Any suggestions???
PSS PROPS out there to the STEVENS who convinced me to run it, and will hopefully run the half with me on Saturday!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2004 of the Identity Crisis Saga

I feel like so much of the last two weeks has been about relationships. Break-ups, make-ups, etc etc. One conversation in particular where a friend got their heart broken totally out of the blue, made me think (out loud, unfortunately) I'm glad I've never had someone break up with me. But last night something triggered a memory and I remembered, someone did.
*Cue Flashback*
After high school, my cousins and I starting going on group dates with some guys who were from Utah, in Ohio to sell for the summer. The one I dated was 25 (I was 18) and although we were never super serious, we were exclusive, and both headed back to Provo in the Fall, with, what I assumed, the intention of dating (talking on the phone the entire drive he took from Ohio to Utah). Long story short, after we (separately) came to Provo, I didn't see or hear from him. Initially, I was crushed, and my first week in Utah I would cry myself to sleep. Did I really have no say in the matter? It sucked. Breakups always suck if you are not the one doing the breaking. Within weeks, I had an enviable social life (despite what happened, I have a little faith in humanity), but would still wonder in the back of my mind what happened to him. 
That November this guy has the nerve to send me a FOUR PAGE TEXT, informing me that he started seeing someone else that fall, and didn't want to hurt my feelings, and he was getting married that month. To a girl he knew three months. Again, I was confused and devastated. It SUCKED and I felt like the most pathetic person in history.
So why would I share something like this? Something so awful and embarrassing, I don't think I've even mentioned it to Mr. D? 
Because even though it SUCKS and I had no control or say over the situation, it was the greatest thing to happen to me at that time. 
I realized that I needed to re-evaluate my goals in life. I cried, I prayed, I soul-searched. I wanted to prepare for and serve a mission; get my education; and not let any guy, dictate my happiness without my consent... I set out to fill my life with what made me happy. I got self-centered so I could really see what it was that I was about, and as I focused on working to perfect ME, I was content. I was preparing myself for a mission... I just didn't realize what KIND of mission until a year later, when I met Mr. D.
 No matter how many or few, never forget to count your blessings.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yeah, this is for REAL. A sign posted at PGHS where I student teach...

success in the form of whole wheat sugar cookies (is that a paradox?)

mmm. Also, for those of you out there wondering, you CAN substitute powdered sugar if you don't have granulated sugar on top of the cookies. They just don't mix well with the cinnamon but still taste fabulous! I also made whole wheat bread...

Thank you, cooks.com!
1 c. sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. soda
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 c. butter, softened
2 tbsp. milk
1 tbsp. grated orange peel
1 tsp. vanilla
1 egg
2 c. whole wheat flour
2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In large bowl combine first 10 ingredients; blend well. (Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup; level off.) Stir in flour. Combine sugar and cinnamon.

Shape dough into 1-inch balls; roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture. Place on ungreased cookie sheets, 2 inches apart; flatten slightly. Bake 8- 10 minutes until light golden brown. (Cookies will be soft in center.) Yield 2-3 dozen cookies.

at long last...

Mr. D noticed today that my hair is FINALLY starting to get long again, so I HAD to document it. Its about time! I cut it MYSELF after a traumatic and emotional experience (see my October 21 post) on August 21, 2008, loved it for about two months and then realized I must have been in delirium because I look AWFUL in short hair! 
Just for the record, I am not cutting my hair at ALL in 2009, saving instead till 2010, when I am allowed some bangs and maybe a trim for split ends. I miss my long hair, and cannot bear to put a "before" pic up (so as not to curse my hair-growing), so if you must see me in my super-butch-short hair, check out the October 2008 posts. This is the shortest I will ever allow my hair again. 
Any ideas to make it grow faster???

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a beautiful week. It has been in the 60's and 70's all week. We have really been lucky and enjoying the lovely weather by leaving all the windows open...

Also, March Madness has officially begun this week. Kind of reminds me in some odd way of my green german pancakes... (photo posted due to popular demand)

It was about 6 years ago...

That I made this triptych and thought, I really enjoy doing this. 
Maybe I should be an artist?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love winning... especially when it comes to winning beautiful stuff

Ask Wifey is a blog I follow that is both hilarious and informational...
And she is willing to answer questions that will (probably, depending on your level of tolerance) make you blush! I first found out about her when she was featured as "fit mommy of the month" on workoutmommy.com. Maybe someday after a few kids I can be featured there as well? That is my hope!

If you are a woman, married or still on the prowl (or even a guy who wants a good laugh), this is like reading Cosmo, but better. Wifey is also doing a stint on the Travel Channel for a Mediterranean Cruise she recently went on, that airs this Saturday at 8pm EST! 

If you are wondering why I am shamelessly promoting Ms. Wifey, it is for her for her benefit and mine... I get entered into a drawing for a lovely blown glass piece of art (ok, wine-cover) and we all know how much I love FREE art!

Watch it, read it, love it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


our lazy cat, not drinking his water (preferring instead to drink straight from the tap) and then knocking food and toy into said water.

Rex Lee 10k Run Pics

Before the race...freezing but happy! Me and A&E

 In the midst of the 10k... the happiest race I've ever run (probably due to the photo-happy couple I ran with! Who knew being a third wheel could be so much fun?)

The post-race conversation with Mr. D was probably something like this:
Me: You woke up!? Thanks for coming!
Mr. D.: Why do you smell so bad??
Me: Ummm......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mrs. D's Top 10 Favorite Things that Are Green

Its that time of year again, when I look at the calendar and ache to be back in good ole' Dublin, with parades and parties and everything Irished and Green, where you actually WOULD get pinched all day if you were not wearing green... *sigh. Last night, I was mentally planning a fabulously irish/green dinner for tonight (while half-asleep in Mr. D's arms "watching" ESPN), that is, until Mr. informed me we had "other plans" (family dinner...elsewhere. boo.).But I won't let that get me down, after all, there is always next year, right? After reading Jimmy Fallon's top 10 list of things that are green, I decided to make my own!
10. Grass...but not Utah grass. Only midwest/eastern, rain-rich grass!
9. Green Works from Clorox.
8. Green watercolor and oil paint.
7. I look good in them, so my many green Shirts.
6. Dublin, Ohio!
5. Green Giant's Immunity Blend Steamed Vegetables! mmm!
4. Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
3. The BOSTON Celtics!
2. Guacomole! Scratch that-- ANYTHING WITH AVOCADO! Need I say more??
1. My little KG's Green Eyes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been one of those days

I went to visit C who was in the hospital because she just had a beautiful little girl yesterday. I was able to hold her and visit with them and then I came home and fell apart. What is making me so emotional lately? I suppose I can always blame it on the 2-hour workouts, where I am either unable to move (Saturday, post-11-miler) or a basket case unable-to-lift-her-arms-above-her-head-McCain-Style (tonight).  I'm going on a running hiatus for a month after the half. It is really draining on me, physically and mentally.
I was a little sad today. I miss my kittens. Is that odd? I mean, I still have one of them, but I miss all their little fuzzy bodies bouncing around the house (granted, they are much bigger now,  I am sure). I miss caring for some bodies, having them depend on you for everything. I love my Kevs but the only thing he needs nowadays are for me to open the door (which will be eliminated once the weather is nice again and we just leave the windows open for him to come and go as he pleases) and feed him. Thank goodness there is always tomorrow with the promise of a happier day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lo hicimos we did it, we did it, YEAH!

Mager, her hubby and I ran the Rex Lee 10k today. And yeah, that Dora the Exploradora song is running through my head, just like High School Musical 2's "We're all in this together" jammed from my ipod at mile 3. If someone had told me a year ago I would be finishing my 7th race in 7 months, including two 10k's I would have never even thought it possible. But we did it. I did it. Yo lo hizo.

Friday, March 13, 2009

You want to be on Top? *cue ANTM intro music*

If only I would have know about this before March 3rd.
If only I would have been living in San Fransisco, California.
If only I had an awesome "story to tell."
If only I was less than 5 foot 7 inches...
Oh. Wait. I AM. Amax and I could have been on America's FIERCEST Next Top Model Cycle 13.

the dilemma

The Rex Lee Run is tomorrow. I was not planning on running because 1) I ran a race last weekend, 2) I am running my half marathon in 3 weeks, and 3) it costs $25 that I probably shouldn't be spending on another race that I could potentially get injured in.

So what made me change my mind?

1) Mager called me and asked me if I was going to run, since she was running with her hubby even though she's injured a metatarsal or something and is still planning on running the half marathon as well as the 10k (AKA friend guilt and peer pressure!), 2) the RLR 2008 was the race I was supposed to run with Amax but I got sick and was left to watch her race from the sidelines, which was fun but really left me feeling empty and sad that I couldn't run with her. I will NOT have that feeling again. 3) ITS MY SECOND SENIOR YEAR (yeah, it took me five years to graduate) and I want to celebrate it with some of my friends (AKA the few that I have left that actually enjoy running)!! and 4) Mr. D is spending a couple hundred to go to a job fair in Boston the weekend I run my half marathon, so I guess this will make me feel better about it?

7am I'll see if there are any spots left to register tomorrow. And if so, that will be AWESOME.

Never quite the perfect...anything.

That should really be the name of my blog.
I didn't forget my dad's birthday. I just went to school, came home and napped and before I knew it, HE had called ME so that he could chat with me before he went to bed. I have still not finished the work of art I promised to make months ago. Yikes. I am a terrible daughter. I'll be busy this weekend.
On a lighter, and more interesting note (for everyone else other than me), I thought you might like this picture:
It shows how truly our KG is the messiest eater in our family, as he basically SHOVES his face into the food as he eats. We have tried bigger bowls, but he still makes a huge mess. Huge. This is a typical example of the daily mess I have to clean up.Aaaand... he also tends to shove his face under the food as I pour it into the bowl, showering the top of his head with dry food crumbs. Then he proceeded to fall asleep for an hour with those crumbs on his head before I woke him up and "bathed" him (wiped his head with kitty wipes). Crazy or Lazy??

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I forgot to mention A and I ran a 5k race for the Red Cross, race #3 for the year, #6 in 7 months.  It was awesome. It was cold.

Remember when I blogged about how I made a pie?

Just when I thought we could finally settle into spring...we get a snowstorm. I am so angry, I could write a hate letter:

Dear Utah, Thanks a lot for bringing back winter (again.) *sarcasm* Because, as everyone certainly knows, I love gaining weight and eating like a bear. No, really, I mean, I love getting out of school at 2:30 with my stomach churning because I have just eaten two full-size chocolate candy bars and a handful of laffy taffy. I HATE LAFFY TAFFY. But, no, my body thinks it MUST be time to hibernate and I MUST get as many calories in as humanly possible or else I will die of bitter cold. PS I love getting complemented by high school students on my new pregnacy--oh, wait, IM NOT PREGNANT. THANKS FOR THAT, that really makes me feel good about myself. Especially with swimsuit season six months away. BUT ITS ALL GOOD BECAUSE WE NEED THE SNOW FOR MOISTURE, RIGHT!?!? EVER HEAR OF RAIN?!?! I hope you are happy because someday soon I will leave you for another, more amicable state, that actually HAS a spring and NOT 9 months of winter. Mrs. D has spoken. So let it be known.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Running with A

Today A and I ran together competitively for the first time since 2004, when she kicked my trash in the Powell 5k. I clocked in at 25:13 for the Run for Red 5k and A was right behind me, since we ran together the entire time. It was a great day. Freezing, but the aura of the race was full of sisterly camaraderie. I love my sister and I love that we could share this experience! She is amazing. I cannot believe she pulled of 8-minute miles with me. She calls herself "out of
shape"... whatever! She rocks.

Wonderful Mr. D

Where did this man come from??
First of all, on Tuesday he actually went on a RUN with me. Then Thursday I had E and A over for Top Model (which Mr. thinks is laughable, and it is but we love it nevertheless) and Mr. randomly went shopping, and bought FRUIT. 
FRESH FRUIT IN MARCH. He never does that. And then he made the three of us lovely fruit and yogurt parfaits that would easily put McDonald's to shame, even watching some of ANTM with us. Last night he watched the Cavs/Celtics game with me for the second time, since I didn't get home till after 9. Then he came to my race today and cheered A and I on from the sidelines. Plus, all week he's been giving me these amazing backrubs in the few minutes I have been able to sit down with him and watch TV together AND has either done dishes or cooked every day this week (sometimes, BOTH!).
I have an amazing husband who really knows when to step it up and wow me, which is usually at the times I am most tired, stressed and less likely to notice. But I have noticed. And once again, I know
Time and again, he makes me want to be a better person.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I wish I were...

My cat. Because then I would sleep. ALL DAY.

Yesterday was crazy, just like Monday. I had only about an hour to myself at home, but the difference between Monday and Wednesday was at least Monday I got in a two and a half hour workout and felt tired but good. Yesterday I spent about 5 hours traveling to, attending, and traveling home from the Evening for Educators in Salt Lake, and got to bed late feeling real crappy.

I am tired all the time. Maybe I am trying to do too much but mostly I'm not getting enough done! I need help in the time management/being tired all the time department. Any advice?? Any one??

The Perfect Soup

Well, I was right. It snowed last night, but at least its not too much. The good news is that I have finally found my new favorite soup!!
It is called Progresso (Light) Southwestern-Style Vegetable, and as soon as I opened it it smelled like a mexican market.. in a good way! I swear, even though it is vegetable, they must have pureed tortilla chips in there because thats what I was smelling and tasting. So good.
Have you tried it? You should. Its only 120 calories for the whole can!
Tell me what you think??
P.S. It DOES have MSG in it, which is not my first choice for an artificial additive, but (stepping up on my soapbox) I think it is mostly bad in things like Oreos or Potato Chips, because it causes you to keep eating it/craving it. Somehow, in all my years of souping experience, I have NEVER eaten too much soup. Even when it has MSG. So... I wouldn't worry about that. But its always a good idea to read your labels. Especially the ingredients.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

one month and counting

Its only ONE MONTH till my first half marathon.

I don't know if this feeling in my stomach means I am thrilled or terrified.
Maybe a little of both??
I am trying to think warm thoughts. Warm, happy, calming thoughts. Wish me luck??

Miracles in March

Tuesday was a GREAT DAY. I walked into my car after school and the temperature was..70 degrees! I had to double-take, since I was pretty sure we were in March, not May. I knew we had to celebrate. So I invited Mr. D for a run... 
This is huge, mind you. For three and a half years I have relentlessly attempted to get my Mr. D to run ANYTHING with me. He has always refused. But yesterday, at 7pm, we RAN. A little shy of 4 miles. And he beat me at the final 100-yard dash home.  I was (goofily, I am sure) grinning ear to ear. I could have cried I was so happy. But I didn’t. I just kissed his sweaty face. 
Mr. D got this HUGE blister from our run. And we are supposed to get more snow this week. But I believe in miracles.

Monday, March 02, 2009


"When you think about the purposes of education, there are three," Horne says. "We're preparing kids for jobs. We're preparing them to be citizens. And we're teaching them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty. The third is as important as the other two."
I failed to mention Friday. Oh, Friday, where I got to skip out of my high school teaching not once but TWICE to attend both my morning and afternoon 3rd and 4th graders' music program. It was fabulous! They all did so well, and I loved meeting the parents of these amazing children, especially when they told me things like, "My daughter cried all day when you left her class!" and "My son never stops talking about how amazing you are!" I was flattered, took lots of pictures with students, got dozens more hugs (even from my boys!) and even got this.
I am not sure what it is, but it is lovely. And it was from one of my boys... dare I say I suddenly have a desire to have children??

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Last month was eating disorder awareness month. 
An "incident" today made me think about how difficult it is sometimes to be female.

In 6th grade, I had a friend named Elizabeth. I think she was foreign and she was very skinny and blonde. Every day after we ate lunch together, I would faithfully guard the bathroom doors while she threw up her chocolate milk and potato chips. That was also the year I noticed all the "popular" girls eating only a lollipop for lunch.

In 7th grade, I realized I should start watching my weight because all of my friends, either dancers or runners, did. I continued wearing a baggy L or XL t-shirts because I liked them, even though they weren't as cool as the form-fitting Abercrombie everyone else wore.

In 8th grade, my best friend brought a chocolate powdered drink to school every day for lunch that she convinced me was a chocolate malt. I believed her. I found out years later that it was Slim Fast.

In the summer between my 8th and 9th grades, I lost a few pounds, probably 15 or 20, and not really on purpose. It was just a hot summer and I lost my appetite all the time due to heat. I also started running. When I came to high school, everyone commented on how much weight I lost, and that I looked SO much better than when I was FAT. I was fat?
High school I ate one or two things for each meal and that was it. Lunch was either three cookies or 2 slices of bread and an apple. I had finally restricted my eating like how I had seen my friends do for years. I was obsessed with never gaining the weight I had before and being FAT again. I remember last Christmas looking through one of my diary entries that read "I cannot believe I weigh 95 pounds. I am so fat. I need to lost at least 5 pounds. I am so disgusting."

In college I gained the "freshman 15", lost it, and gained a "married 15", losing that through much more educated means. I had three close friends who had various stages of serious eating disorders, one of whom I fear will never fully recover from Bulemia.

I don't think I ever had an eating disorder, but I do know that I struggled with body image for many years, not necessarily because I thought I was fat, but because of my surroundings: my friends and the society I grew up in, where "Thin is in."

This is real. And I know I am not the only one who has been through something like this. Looking back at those awful 7 years, I am fearful for my daughters' (assuming I have any) future. I hope they can learn from my struggle, teach them how to love themselves and care for (not punish) their bodies. I don't want them to grow up looking at pictures of themselves and the only memories coming to mind being "Man, I was so fat/skinny then..." Will this societal obsession with weight get any better? Worse? 

It is so hard to be a girl.
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